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Careers in the Industry of Video Games

The gaming industry is on a sharp rise, with a majority of gamers consisting of millennials and generation Z, which is mainly today’s teenagers. As noted by Mypaperwriter.com, millennials comprise 29%, while generation Z includes 27% of all video game players. Such a huge demand within this growing industry opens possibilities for work opportunities, especially for the youth.  So are you among this group considering a break in this industry?

Work Opportunities in The Gaming Industry

Video games often involve designing, which encompasses picking a concept, design level, and concept besides having a computer and artistic skills. Such enables you to program, create dialogue and stories so that the idea materializes. So the work opportunities involve the following in the industry of video games.

  • Game Designers. It is one of the most coveted jobs in the gaming industry. The career involves coming up with and developing concepts that they transform into video games. They develop characters and storylines, which they then guide through production. However, they must collaborate with artists, audio engineers, and programmers.
  • Computer Programmers and Software Developers. It involves the implementation of the vision of the game designer’s products. Developers engage in designing video game software in line with the expectation of the designers. Programmers, on the other hand, make the code that actualizes the design into readable video game instructions.
  • It’s a vital part of the development team when it comes to developing video games. They ensure the visual life of the video game by creating a series of images contained in the video game.
  • Audio Engineers. Here, experts use electrical and computer equipment to make video game soundtracks. Everything audio within a video game, including sound effects and background music, is a result of their work.
  • They have a myriad of roles in the industry of gaming. Writer script stories that the games build from and also write character dialogues. Technical writers make the accompanying instruction and documentation.
  • Translators and Interpreters. They convert the dialogue within characters into different languages. Translators change the documentation and instructions from their primary languages to other required languages.
  • Game Testers. Testers of video games offer quality assurance for video game companies. They ensure the proper functionality of games and that the documentation and instructions are clear. Tester also identifies bugs and problems, and it’s their job to report their outcomes to developers and designers.
  • Specialist in Technical Support. They link the public and the video game firms through call center help. Stranded customers can receive help from them via email, online chat, or phone calls.
  • They mostly tend to the financial details and business side of the product development and ensuring that they are ready for marketing. Producers also oversee every personnel and ensure that the production process falls within the budget and time constraints set.
  • Marketing Managers. They coordinate the marketing activities of the publishers besides the formulation of trade strategies for products to their consumers.
  • Research Analysts for the Market. They design surveys for determining potential purchasing preferences for customers. The data they generate is useful for assisting publishers in deciding the type of video game services and products to sell, pricing, and ways of selling.
  • Sales Representatives. They ensure the sale of video games to retailers and wholesalers on behalf of the publishers.


The gaming industry is rapidly expanding and has a lot of opportunities for those who would love to pursue careers in this industry.