Photo: ANI/Tomi Ahonen India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, faced a hostile crowd as he attempted to defend Donald Trump outside a lower Manhattan courthouse during the former president's hush-money trial. Patel, who is expected

India-West News DeskWASHINGTON, DC - Raj Shah, the GOP official who first rose to prominence during the Trump administration, is set to leave his role as deputy chief of staff for communications for House Speaker Mike Johnson later this month. Shah's

India-West News Desk PORTLAND, OR - Susheela Jayapal, the sister of Rep. Pramila Jayapal, was defeated by Oregon state rep. Maxine Dexter in the Democratic primary for the third Congressional District. Jayapal, a former Multnomah County commissioner, was among seven Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) - Former Republican Party presidential candidate Nikki Haley said on Wednesday she will vote for former US President Donald Trump over US President Joe Biden in November, The Hill reported. In her remarks at the Hudson Institute, Haley

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - Veteran political commentator and author Ann Coulter defended her recent comments about former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, asserting that calling him an "Indian" wasn’t racist. Coulter made her remarks on "Dan Abrams Live" on May

Photo:C-SPAN.org India-West News Desk NEW YORK, NY - As former President Donald Trump faces a historic criminal trial in a Manhattan courthouse, notable Republican figures have made appearances to show their support. Among them are those who are hoping to get into

Photo: @RepJayapal India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, D.C. – Indian American lawmakers emphasized their commitment to addressing human rights issues in India but noted that lecturing New Delhi on the matter is counterproductive. Instead, they advocated for a dialogue with Indian leaders to

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - During the annual summit of Indian American Impact, a prominent think tank supporting Indian Americans in politics, Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the need for greater representation of the community in elected offices. Addressing a packed

India-West News Desk TRENTON, NJ – To uphold the quality of New Jersey public schools and support districts experiencing substantial state aid loss, the Senate approved legislation sponsored by Senator Andrew Zwicker and Senator Vin Gopal that establishes the Stabilized School

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC – In a landmark event, the White House, in collaboration with the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, convened The White House Forum on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) - Amid reports that former UN Ambassador and Republican rival Nikki Haley is on his vice-presidential shortlist, former US President Donald Trump said that she is "not under consideration," but added that he wishes "her well," The

By Diya Mathews PISCATAWAY, NJ - On May 7, the New Jersey community rallied around Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla in a spirited fundraiser as he vies for a seat in Congress representing the eighth district of New Jersey. The event, held at

India-West News DeskPORTOLA VALLEY, CA - Indian American billionaire Vinod Khosla made a strong pitch for President Joe Biden in his reelection campaign hosting a fundraiser and being vocal online immediately after, on May 11."The question I keep asking myself

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - Ashwin Ramaswami, 24, has emerged as the first Gen Z Indian American to vie for a seat in a US State legislature, making waves with a staggering fundraising achievement of over $280,000. This substantial figure,

Photo: Ethnic Media Services By Nakia Cooper All eyes are on Capitol Hill over the coming days as lawmakers weigh the pros and cons of H.R. 7109, a controversial bill that many say could negatively impact the future of representation and census

Photo:@NikkiHaley India-West News Desk COLUMBIA, SC- Nikki Haley is set to reconnect with donors who backed her now-ended Republican presidential bid, marking her return to the public sphere amid ongoing support in select state primaries, despite Donald Trump's dominance as the presumptive

India-West News Desk DETROIT, MI - Former state senator Adam Hollier, who is vying to replace congressman Shri Thanedar, has acknowledged that his campaign may have submitted some fraudulent petition signatures, according to the Detroit Metro Times. Indian American Thanedar, a first-term

CHICAGO, IL (IANS) - Veteran Congressman Sam Pitroda, facing fire over a string of controversial statements in the recent past, stepped down as the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress on May 8. Congress communications in-charge Jairam Ramesh took to X

India-West News Desk DETROIT, MI – “As a member of Congress, I am always open to dialogue and debate. Unfortunately, this vandalism of the community center is not an isolated incident, nor is it a productive form of communication. These acts

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) - Indian Americans are calling upon a US university not to implement a portion of one of the demands it conceded to protesting students to display on campus the flags of "occupied people", which listed Kashmiris along

India-West Staff Reporter WASHINGTON, D.C. – In what he called "transnational repression," Representative Eric Swalwell of California's 14th District has voiced concerns over what he perceives as targeted attacks against the Sikh community in the United States, allegedly orchestrated by the Indian

India-West Staff Reporter IRVINE, CA - The streets of the city of Irvine were brought to life on April 28 as the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA, Los Angeles, orchestrated a monumental event: the "Hum Hain Modi Ka Parivar" car rally. This

India-West Staff Reporter WASHINGTON, DC - Senior Biden-Harris campaign officials, South Asian Congressional Representatives, political and advocacy experts, and other elected leaders highlighted the issues at stake for the South Asian community this presidential election during its relaunch event on April

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC (with agency input) – The US media, with a latest exclusive by Washington Post, has disclosed the identity of an Indian official allegedly involved in ordering a plot to kill Khalistani activist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, wanted

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) - Preventing terrorist strikes in the US was cited as the top foreign policy priority by most Americans in a recent opinion poll, and not promoting democracy and human rights around the world, which have been the

India-West News Desk PITTSBURGH, PA - In a contentious battle for the Pittsburgh-area seat, Edgewood Councilwoman Bhavini Patel, a moderate challenger, fell short against progressive Democrat Representative Summer Lee. Despite her efforts to paint Lee as too far left for the district

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) - Ravi Prakash Singh, the Mexico-based scientist who received the Padma Shri award, has been hailed for his achievement in making wheat strains resistant to rust diseases, protecting the supply of the foodgrain that is an

India-West News Desk DALLAS, TX - With family assets of more than Rs 5,705 crore, Indian American doctor Pemmasani Chandra Sekhar may be the richest candidate in the Lok Sabha elections. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) candidate from Andhra Pradesh's Guntur constituency

India-West News Desk DETROIT, MI – Michigan Congressman Shri Thanedar's bold move to invest campaign funds in cryptocurrency has proven lucrative, with promising returns thus far. The Detroit Democrat, known for self-funding his campaigns as a millionaire businessman, redirected $3.7 million

Photo: DEA.gov India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - The Chinese Communist Party uses tax rebates to subsidize the manufacturing and export of fentanyl materials, a House panel which has Rep.Raja Krishnamoorthi as a ranking members, said in a report released on April

India-West News Desk LOS ANGELES, CA - The University of Southern California has found itself at the center of a media storm after cancelling the scheduled graduation speech of an Indian Muslim USC student and Class of 2024 valedictorian Asna Tabassum

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) -  Congressman Shri Thanedar has raised alarm over a “substantial increase” in attacks on Hinduism and Hindu places of worship in the US and expressed frustration at the failure of law enforcement agencies to find and book

India-West Staff Reporter WASHINGTON, DC - Nikki Haley, who was beaten back by Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination has landed a new job at the Hudson Institute. It’s a Washington DC based, ultra-conservative think tank specializing in foreign policy affairs. She

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC – Indian American Congressman Shri Thanedar on April 11 said he has successfully raised $5 million in funds and secured endorsements from over 15 influential elected officials and organizations, for his reelection campaign. Thanedar represents Michigan's

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) - The 'Overseas Friends of BJP' in the US has organized a "Modi ka Parivar March" in over 16 cities, supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi's re-election and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) winning over 400 seats in

Photo: @WCKitchen India-West News DeskWASHINGTON, DC – Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal has strongly condemned the tragic death of seven humanitarian aid workers from the World Central Kitchen in Gaza, following an Israeli air strike. Taking to X, she denounced the attack and

India-West Staff Reporter WASHINGTON, DC - In a recent op-ed published in the Sacramento Bee, Democratic Congressman Ami Bera, who is also a physician, underscored the critical importance of accessible and affordable health care for all Americans. Bera highlighted the significance

India-West Staff Reporter HOBOKEN, NJ - The Ravi Bhalla for Congress campaign has blasted Democratic primary opponent and Representative Rob Menendez Jr. for standing by while Sam Bankman-Fried’s Super PAC, Protect Our Future, fueled his 2022 primary campaign to the tune

India-West Staff Reporter WASHINGTON, DC – Led by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, Indian American congressional reps Ro Khanna (CA-17), Shri Thanedar (MI-13), Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), and Ami Bera (CA-06) on March 29, in a letter, have requested a briefing from the Department

Photo: WRIC ABC 8 India-West Staff Reporter ASHBURN, VA – “It seems like the gun lobby won the day over what people in our community want,” VA State Senator Suhas Subramanyam (D-Loudon) said on March 28. “If we make it easy for

Photo: @JoeBiden India-West News Desk NEW YORK, NY – The current President Joe Biden was joined in his reelection campaign in a fundraiser that drew former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on March 28 here at Radio City Music Hall,

Photo: @TuckerCarlson India-West News Desk NEW YORK, NY - Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, now on the list of Donald Trump favorites, has a theory. A conspiratorial one: President Joe Biden is not running the country. In an interview with fired and controversial

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC – The Biden-Harris 2024 has released a new ad making a direct appeal to Nikki Haley voters to join the Biden-Harris coalition. The 30-second spot, “Save America. Join Us,” highlights Donald Trump’s repeated insults of Nikki Haley

Photo: @raghav_chadha India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC – The State Department doubled down on its remarks that it encourages "fair, transparent and timely legal processes" on the arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, a day after Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Gloria

Photo: @dockaurG India-West News Desk BRAMPTON - Elon Musk's company X has announced its will cover the legal fees of a Canadian doctor previously rebuked by regulators for her COVID-19-related statements. In a statement shared on the X News account, the company expressed

Photo: From Left: Navneet Chugh, Pallavi Dhawan, hosts Rimal and Tina Bera, Senator David Min, Payal Sawhney, Babulal Bera, and Dr. Rohit Kohli. By Balween Kaur IRVINE, CA -  Rimal and Tina Bera on March 23 held a fundraiser for David Min

India-West News Desk WASHINGTON, DC - The United States government is monitoring reports of Arvind Kejriwal's arrest and has encouraged its Indian counterpart to ensure "a fair, transparent, and timely legal process" for the jailed Delhi Chief Minister and opposition leader,

India-West Staff Reporter NEW YORK, NY - The Indian Overseas Congress USA launched its official campaign for the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, declaring the election as the “mother of all Lok Sabha elections.” With a fervent commitment to uphold the core

India-West Staff Reporter ANNAPOLIS, MD – Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller was inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame along with four honorees including United States House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones, Secretary of State Susan Lee,

India-West Staff Reporter LOS ANGELES, CA - Two Indian American professors at California State University (CSU) have alleged that CSU’s non-discrimination policy, amended to single out ‘caste’ as a protected category, unconstitutionally singled out Indian origin and Hindu students and employees. Professors