NEW DELHI, (IANS) - At a time when the world is battling the effects of climate change a ‘love story’ between humans and trees in Chhattisgarh’s Durg District is catching everyone’s attention.  Residents of Pisegaon, situated on the banks of Shivnath

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - A unique art installation of the Olive Ridley Turtles at the Puri beach in Odisha has turned out to be a big draw as thousands of tourists are thronging the area to witness the "wonder at

WASHINGTON DC, (ANI) - A new report from the World Bank reveals the profound impact of climate change on education systems globally. As the climate crisis intensifies, extreme weather conditions are significantly disrupting educational environments and learning outcomes, especially in

GUWAHATI, (IANS) - The ongoing floods in Assam have claimed the lives of over 200 wild animals, including 10 rhinos at the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve despite the authorities taking multi-pronged measures to save the lives of animals. According

ISLAMABAD (ANI) - The illegal cutting and commercial exploitation of glaciers in regions like Dir, Chitral, Swat, Shangla, Kaghan, Naran, and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa poses a grave threat to the ecological and climatic stability of the province. These

LUCKNOW, (IANS) - As part of its decision to preserve the state's cultural heritage, Uttar Pradesh will nurture 948 heritage trees through the Heritage Tree Adoption Scheme. A total of 28 species of trees, each more than 100 years old,

KANNUR (ANI) - Kerala climate activist, Kallur Balan, popularly known as 'green man', for planting and nurturing lakhs of trees along the roadsides has taken up another mission: providing food and water to wild animals and birds. Velu Balakrishnan, which is

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - The sale of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is set to hit the 10-million milestone this year, marking a significant achievement for the global passenger vehicle market, a report showed on July 2. The growth will be supported

NEW DELHI, (REUTERS) - In the Vivekananda Camp slum, adjacent to the US embassy in New Delhi, communal taps supply brackish water for about two hours a day. Water delivered by tankers provides one additional bucket to each of its

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Short-term air pollution exposure claimed 33,000 lives annually in 10 cities in India and Delhi tops the list with 12,000 deaths every year, according to a study published on July 4 in The Lancet Planetary Health. The

KOLKATA, (IANS) - India has become the first country to prepare World's First Checklist of its entire 104,561 fauna species, making it a global leader in biodiversity documentation. The Fauna of India Checklist Portal was launched to mark the 109th

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - A milkman in a small village in the interiors of Panna, Madhya Pradesh would be suddenly possessed by the spirit of 'Thakur Baba', gaining miraculous powers to heal those who truly believed. In a rare case, a

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - The UN on July 1 released proposals to share the use of "digital sequence information on genetic resources (DSI)" -- the DNA sequences of plants, animals and microbes -- to support communities supporting nature. The documents are

Photo: epa.gov LOS ANGELES, CA (IANS) - Early-life exposure to air pollution may have a direct effect on lung health later in life, reveals a study on Friday that underlines the need to reduce pollution. Scientists at the University of Southern California

LUCKNOW, (IANS) - The population of the Sarus crane, named the state bird of Uttar Pradesh in 2015, has been increasing and the trend is expected to continue this year too, forest officials said. The information came after the first round

NEW DELHI (ANI) - Air pollution accounted for 8.1 million deaths globally in 2021, becoming the second leading risk factor for death, a report prepared in partnership with UNICEF revealed. Air pollution is the second-leading risk factor for death globally, putting

GUWAHATI, (IANS) - Insufficient rainfall and excessive heat are hampering tea production during the current cropping season in Assam and West Bengal. Data released by the Tea Board of India indicates a production drop of around 8 percent in Assam

Photo: Wikipedia NEW DELHI (News Agencies) - The Hindu Kush Himalaya region is facing a significant drop in snow persistence this year, raising serious concerns over water security for downstream communities, according to a new report. The region heavily relies on the

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) - A team of US researchers on June 17 said that a major earthquake of magnitude 7 or 8 around 2,500 years ago changed the course of the Ganga River and a densely populated region in

LOS ANGELES, CA (IANS) - A fast-moving wildfire has burned over 12,200 acres overnight in Southern California, forcing at least 1,200 people to evacuate from a popular recreation area. The wind-driven wildfire, dubbed the Post Fire, started June 15 afternoon in

By Selen Ozturk, EMS As climate change worsens, so does the home affordability crisis as insurers raise rates, withdraw coverage and underpay damages. Even non-homeowners are affected, both by the increasing severity of U.S. climate disasters and by the spillover effect of

India-West Staff Reporter SEATTLE, WA – In a significant boost for climate resilience and education, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal has announced a grant of $9,257,231 to the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. This funding will support the Tribal Stewards initiative

India-West Staff Reporter SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Volunteers of the non-profit organization Dr. Shri. Nanasaheb Dharmadhikari Pratishthan (DSNDP) came together on June 8 to undertake two significant cleanup projects: the “Adopt-A-Road” cleanup drive in collaboration with the California Department of Transportation

KATHMANDU, (IANS/DPA) - Nepalese soldiers have retrieved four bodies and a skeleton from Mount Everest and the neighboring peaks of Lhotse and Nuptse during a cleaning operation. According to the army, the recruiter also collected 11 tons of rubbish since April. At

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Human activities are accelerating global warming at record levels, leading to a rise of 1.19 degrees Celsius between 2014 and 2023, according to new research on June 5 by over 50 leading international scientists. This is an

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Electric Vehicles (EVs) are a transformative force in the fight against climate change, and by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional combustion engines, EVs play a critical role in mitigating global warming, experts said

MUMBAI, (IANS) - Actress Sonakshi Sinha said that intense heat waves across the nation are the direct consequence of human activity, and the damage cannot be reversed. The actress said that now is the time to act to reverse the change

MUMBAI, (ANI) – Deepshikha Deshmukh, alongside her husband Dhiraj Deshmukh, has become one of India's first beekeepers, joining a global movement supported by celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martha Stewart, and Morgan Freeman. This movement highlights the crucial role

AGRA, (IANS) - Ahead of World Environment Day on June 5, the stark reality of Agra's environmental crisis has come into sharp focus. Despite the Supreme Court's 1993 intervention on the petition by MC Mehta, to protect the Taj Mahal and

India-West Staff Reporter SAN MATEO, CA – In its fourth-annual TIME100 Most Influential Companies list, celebrating companies making an extraordinary impact around the world, the magazine has named Boomitra for its success in climate solution innovation. A 2023 Earthshot Prize Winner, Boomitra

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Blistering summer heat continued to scorch northern India on May 30, with temperatures remaining dangerously high. In Delhi, the mercury reached 116.6°F, slightly lower than the previous day's record-breaking 127.22°F in one area, but still unbearably

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Switching meat with more vegetables and fruits may help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from household groceries by more than a quarter (26 percent), according to a new study on May 28. In the study, researchers from

WASHINGTON, DC(ANI/WAM) - A new World Bank policy note presents the latest evidence on how climate change is eroding education outcomes, including through increased school closures, and what to do about it. Over the past 20 years, schools were closed during

India-West Staff Reporter MEMPHIS, TN – FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., said it is committed to safeguarding biodiversity in India, a country that hosts 7-8 percent of all recorded species worldwide. The company has launched a series of environmental

MUMBAI (ANI) - US Ambassador Eric Garcetti announced that the United States International Development Finance Corporation is investing $3.8 billion to support India's renewable energy and infrastructure goals. During an event on 'Indo-US Space Cooperation' in Mumbai last night, Garcetti highlighted

MUMBAI (ANI) - Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar, also known for her passionate advocacy for environmental and animal welfare, has launched a new project to help animals and birds in Mumbai cope with the sweltering summer heat. Bhumi, on May 21, installed

WASHINGTON, DC (WAM) - For the past two years, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) have been developing the first pollen forecast of its kind in the US. The forecast can predict both

HOUSTON, TX (IANS) - Up to 2,000 gallons of oil may have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico after a bunker barge struck a bridge in the island city of Galveston, eastern Texas, the US Coast Guard estimated. The source of

VIENNA, (IANS/DPA) - Wildlife trafficking has not substantially reduced over the past two decades, despite positive signs in reducing the trafficking of iconic species like elephant and rhino, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported in Vienna on

Photo: Goldman Environment Prize India-West News Desk SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The 2024 Goldman Prize winners were celebrated at live ceremonies following Earth Week: in San Francisco on April 29, and in Washington, DC, on May 1. India’s Alok Shukla was among the

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) - India's forest cover saw a consistent increase over the last 15 years, the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change said at the recently concluded United Nations Forum on Forests. An Indian delegation, led by Jitendra

MUMBAI, (IANS) - At least 3 persons were killed, and 55 others injured in two separate incidents -- a gigantic hoarding crash in Ghatkopar and a vertical steel parking lot in Wadala -- in Mumbai, in the aftermath of a

KOCHI, (IANS) - A joint initiative between India and Oman to boost research and conservation of sharks and rays in the Arabian Sea will be launched at an upcoming workshop at ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute. Experts from both countries will

KOLKATA, (IANS) - Air pollution poses a significant threat to the Sundarbans, a crucial mangrove ecosystem in West Bengal that protects the region from extreme weather, warns a recent study by leading environmental scientists. The study, titled "Acidity and oxidative potential

MUMBAI, (IANS) - Dia Mirza, who actively participates in social and environmental issues, talked about the destruction of biodiversity in urban spaces and trimming of trees for monsoon in India, urging the officials to ensure the implementation of better practices. Dia

KOCHI, (IANS) - Researchers at the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute have recorded a widespread bleaching event impacting the coral reefs in the Lakshadweep Sea owing to marine heatwaves. A survey from various Lakshadweep islands shows that a considerable percentage of

KOCHI, (IANS) - The Ministry of Earth Sciences, through the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, will host the 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the 26th Meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP 26) from May 20

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Climate plays a pivotal role in altering the transmission patterns of malaria, said experts on World Malaria Day which fell on April 25. It is observed annually on April 25, to spread awareness about the mosquito-borne disease.

OTTAWA, (IANS) - The fourth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment, concluded in Ottawa with an advanced draft text of the instrument and agreement on

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - More than one in five cars sold worldwide this year is expected to be electric, with surging demand projected over the next decade set to remake the global auto industry and significantly reduce oil consumption for