NEW DELHI, (IANS) - you may find yourself lost in the aisles, surrounded by a plethora of options and unsure of which to select. While there are many options for adults, the skincare needs of a newborn are different from

You are not alone if you feel the need to rub your eyes. Itchy eyes are a very common problem, also known as ocular allergy, these are typically the result of an allergy, or a condition known as dry eye

By DR SIDDHANT BHARGAVA One of the best things you can do for yourself is to start a fitness program. When you transition from couches to crunches, you feel revitalized and exhilarated. Physical activity improves brain health and lowers the risk of

By DR. RAJEEV RAJESH Even if you are unable to attend a yoga class or establish a home routine, there are various yoga poses you can practice at your desk to alleviate such issues and instill a sense of calm and

What makes people cheat? Networking platform Gleeden, conducted a survey conducted among ten thousand of their users, and came up with the top 10 reasons for infidelity. The survey took place among users based out of the Tier -1 cities in

By DR. VANSHIKA GUPTA ADUKIA Feeding, burping, diaper changes, odd hourly night cries, spit-ups, followed by clean-ups, pumping sessions, bottle washing-the list of chores is endless with a baby, but the hours in a day and helping hand are always limited. Every

Where words are few, it is said that the eyes can convey a lot. And this is especially true in these Covid times when we wear masks that allow our eyes to express themselves more freely because our faces are

There is no escaping the fact that there are no shortcuts to healthy eating, which is the only way to achieve holistic and sustainable well-being. * Make a schedule and stick to it: Making a schedule and then sticking to it

LONDON, (IANS) - Intermittent fasting helps change the activity of gut bacteria and increase their ability to recover from nerve damage, according to a study conducted on mice. Researchers from the Imperial College London observed how fasting led to the gut

As we age, the involuntary loss of muscle mass and muscle function has a major impact on quality of life. Based on research, muscle loss is faster in men than in women and can lead to several health problems. While healthy

By DR. SONIA LAL GUPTA Most of us today, idolize the ones working on 3 to 4 hours of sleep. It's all cool but I'm sure you remember the sweet taste of sleep. Oh no, I'm not tempting you to sleep

Did you know that California walnuts are produced under stringent quality controls that exceed California inspection standards, reputed to be the world's toughest? These wonderful crunchy and mildly sweet wonder nuts, when added to our daily diet, can help in

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Mental wellness has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, partly due to the pandemic, which was a difficult time for many of us, but also due to prevalent external factors such as world news

MUMBAI, (ANI) - Yoga is known across the globe for soothing one's mind and body. And while many practice Yoga regularly, Bollywood actors are no less. Look at 7 celebrities who swear by Yoga to stay fit and healthy: Kareena Kapoor

By DR. RAJESH SHETTY Teeth have the power to determine our personality. The shape of teeth, the size of our teeth, and the habits we have related to teeth, all state the personalities which might be hidden from the world. Here

Change is difficult and stressful, but the level of change triggered by the coronavirus outbreak is indeed mammoth. And that's why it is crucial to take preventive steps to manage our stress levels and seek out support whenever we need

By DR VIDYASHANKAR P. Most people underestimate the significance of regular examinations. Even if you feel healthy, it is critical to have regular check-ups because they help to diagnose disease early and reduce the risk of complications. The following tests are

Falls can be prevented. These are some simple things you can do to keep yourself from falling. Talk to Your Doctor: Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to evaluate your risk for falling and talk with them about specific things you can

When it comes to skincare, it cannot be accomplished without the proper layering of sunscreen. A proper summer season calls for tons and tons of sunscreen. While a glowing tan is always a desirable look for the summer, it's no secret

“Not only does the sun create life, but it also nourishes life. It helps us thrive. We were born under the sun; we grew up with food made by the sun and we ourselves cannot survive without sunlight. So why do

BY DIVANSHI GUPTA The shimmies, the shakes, the pirouettes, and the backflips on the dance floor burn a lot of calories and do a lot of other amazing things for your body. Dancing is one of the greatest pleasures. It comes with

Actress Deepika Padukone has worked towards normalizing mental health to enlighten everyone that mental illness is not always critical but can be the reason our daily lives include so much stress. When did you start practicing yoga? Deepika: I started practicing yoga

Symptoms of burn out and unmanaged stress at the workplace can lead to: * Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion * Increased mental distance from one's job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one's job * Reduced professional efficacy Should I Jump

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - The first thing we must recognize is that every system in our body is interconnected. So, our physical health affects our mental health, and our mental health affects our physical health, and both should work together. Ensuring

BY SAMIKSHA SHETTY Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about zoning out and emptying your thoughts or mind. It's about zoning inwards, acknowledging your thoughts, and then detaching from them without judgment. The most common reactions I get when I talk

By N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE Almost 70 per cent of the body is water and it is water that helps in flushing out the toxins through urination and perspiration etc. Water also helps in lubricating joints and protects sensitive tissues in our

BY OLIVIA SARKAR Fasting completely or partially for a set period before eating normally again is what intermittent fasting entails. According to some studies, this way of eating may provide advantages such as weight loss, improved health, and increased longevity. Intermittent

MUMBAI (IANS) - When was the last time you laughed hard? Not just a little guffaw, but the kind of guffaw that makes your stomach hurt or even tears well up in your eyes. Laughter not only makes you feel

By IRFAN SHAIKH With offices reopening, employees are now gradually getting back to a regular work routine. While some dread long commutes and traffic snarls, others are glad to return to physical offices and indulge in much needed social interaction with

Even though many of us skip brushing our teeth at night. Brushing teeth at least twice a day is generally recommended to maintain healthy teeth. It is such an important part of our daily lives. The toothbrush we know today,

LONDON, (IANS) - Seven hours is the ideal amount of sleep for people in their middle age and upwards as a new study has found that both insufficient or excessive sleep is associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health,

NEW DELHI, (IANS) - Belly fat develops because of age, genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, a lack of regular exercise, and stress. And it can further cause stress by making you insecure. Yoga and a well-balanced diet can

Peppermint, an ancient form of medicine used by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, is a hybrid mint, a cross between water mint and spearmint. Menthol gives it its minty flavor, calmative and cooling properties, and it is well known for

Your knees have been hurting a lot over the last two months. They can be agonizing at times. Is this a normal part of the ageing process? Reduced mobility, different job habits, and altered lifestyles all had a negative impact

By N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE Whether you're a kid who just sprained your knee, a 24-year-old going through a mid-life crisis, or a person over 60 looking to start a new inning in life. It is safe to say that enveloping our

By RAJVARDHAN PATIL Cleaning may appear to be a simple task that can be completed without much thought about how to do it correctly. However, with the threat of COVID-19 still looming, it is critical to understand the truth behind certain

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has declared April 2022 Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month. This national outreach month is dedicated to highlighting the impact invasive plant pests and diseases have on plant health nationwide and educates

By Dr. MANOJ KUTTERI 'Doshas' are biological energies found in our bodies and minds made up of five major elements (Panchabhutas), which are linked to our five senses and subtle actions. Doshas govern our physical, physiological, mental, and emotional processes and

By RUJUTA DIWEKAR Rujuta Diwekar . Don't skip your breakfast and definitely have a home-cooked fresh breakfast: It's not enough to eat the right dinner; you should also start your day with a home-cooked fresh breakfast that includes Idli, Poha, Dosa,

Typically, spring season entails packing away the winter clothes and bringing out the summer dresses. With the change of seasons comes the opportunity to host family and friends for a get-together. This means that the house must be clean and

By DR. ANURAG WAHI Because of the increase in digital screen time, your eyes are under more strain than usual. There are some things you should do to keep your two most valuable assets (your eyes) safe and secure. Keep laptop/computer at

New York, March 26 (IANS) Contrary to worries among some doctors and the public, drinking coffee may protect your heart instead of causing or worsening heart problems, find a new study. According to three research abstracts, drinking two to three cups

Water scarcity has become a major issue, making water conservation critical. Given that the world's largest water crisis is underway, it is critical to select water-efficient products that will assist in overcoming the challenge. Even minor changes, such as using

By DR. SRIDHAR G One of the defining responsibilities of parents is to enable their children to realize their potential. Both the students and their families are inordinately anxious in the days leading up to examinations. Parents are concerned about their

By Dr. Kiran Rukadikar Whether we want to accept it or not, biologically men and women are very different. One of the important differences is in the way men and women use and store fat. Men on average have about 3

Using technology in conjunction with changes in workplace structure can boost productivity in all areas. A modern working man or woman multitasks to cover their passion as well as their duties daily. People are busy balancing their professional and personal

CHANDIGARH (IANS) - Do you sleep 'soundly' yet feel sluggish throughout the day? Do you wake up often during the night? Do you snore? If the answer to either of the questions is a yes then you could be suffering from

By Dr. Vihan Sanyal There are various types of online impersonations. It could be an adult impersonating a teenager, or it could be seen as harmless fun by teenagers who may target a person and befriend them online to later mock

By ASYUSHI LAKHAPATI, Upnourish Unfortunately, the widespread coronavirus pandemic has ruled our lives for the past two years. The constant arrival of new variants is posing demanding challenges for organizations and posing difficult scenarios for them to resume full-fledged operations. Expecting

Give your father the gift of great health by getting him to adopt a wise sodium-intake diet and a little bit of exercise. Ensure he makes small lifestyle changes for positive impact, starting with these four tips. Check his BP The connection

LONDON (IANS) - Worried that you are unable to hit the gym? A moderate physical activity like taking a stroll in the park or using steps instead of lifts done regularly may keep your brain healthy, according to a UK

By N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE Anklets account for more than 34 per cent of the total Indian silver market. Indians are obsessed with gold, but anklets made of the yellow metal are never worn on the feet because they represent the goddess