HomeMain SliderAfter Racist Slur, Sam Pitroda Resigns As Overseas Congress Chief

After Racist Slur, Sam Pitroda Resigns As Overseas Congress Chief

After Racist Slur, Sam Pitroda Resigns As Overseas Congress Chief

After Racist Slur, Sam Pitroda Resigns As Overseas Congress Chief

CHICAGO, IL (IANS) – Veteran Congressman Sam Pitroda, facing fire over a string of controversial statements in the recent past, stepped down as the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress on May 8.

Congress communications in-charge Jairam Ramesh took to X to inform about Pitroda’s decision and said that he did it of his own accord. He also said that the Congress has accepted Pitroda’s resignation.

Pitroda found himself in the eye of the storm over his statements, the latest being a “racial slur” on the country’s citizens.

Speaking to The Statesman, the Congress leader derided the country’s diversity with his controversial statement. “A diverse country, where people in the East look like Chinese, people on the West look like Arabs, people on the North look like maybe white and people in the South look like of Africa,” Pitroda said, drawing anger and outrage from other political parties. He himself is from Gujarat. 

The Congress also took exception to Pitroda’s remarks on the “color of citizens” and termed it “unfortunate and unacceptable”.

Deeply embarrassed with his statement, Jairam Ramesh, earlier in the day, wrote, “The Indian National Congress completely dissociates itself from such analogies, they are most unfortunate and unacceptable.”

Pitroda’s recent assertions on Inheritance tax and its benefits also received huge flak from the BJP and put his own party in a spot.

Out-of-turn comments by Pitroda have proven a challenge for Congress. Earlier this month, his comment on the inheritance tax in the United States as an example of “…new policies so concentration of wealth can be prevented.” The Congress, he had said, always helps people at the bottom of the economic pyramid.–

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  • Good for congress- if he really stays out. Better for Rahul, Best for country. Check the history of this guy and you will know-Why.

    May 8, 2024
  • Never noticed until now.
    His goatie part resembles a monkey’s face and his hair like a goat. Just mask all areas of the face and only those areas and you will see what I see.

    May 8, 2024
  • He is fine example of the stupid people in the Congress party. No wonder the party is the laughing stock of Indians.

    May 8, 2024
  • Sad that he resigned. I wish, he should have continued with his senseless statements, once in a while, for achieving our dream of “Congress-mukt” Bharat.

    May 9, 2024
  • he should live in illinois where he will fit well like afrikan. Also that crooked robber vadra whose wife is now becoming a big speaker with all the loot he had. This man had 19 companies before 2014 all dissolved within a month. he made almost 2000 crores and now loot is being used by his wife.they have no shame.

    May 9, 2024
  • Sam Pitroda joined Rajiv Gandhi government and revolutionized cell (mobile) phone industries in India. He was a Tech czar.

    And then he helped Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi illegally become owners of National Herald by signing the documents! Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka, Rahul and her son-in-law Vadra have become one of the richest family as per some newspapers.

    Makes you wonder why person like Pitroda becomes part of this kind of corruption? There’re many who are helping this corrupt clueless family stay in politics in India as seen from no one contesting their mafia-like control on the Congress party.

    Wonder if he ever enters India would he face some consequences from the Enforcement Directorate?

    May 9, 2024

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