HomeMusicBadshah Blames Show Promoter After Dallas Gig Stopped Midway

Badshah Blames Show Promoter After Dallas Gig Stopped Midway

Badshah Blames Show Promoter After Dallas Gig Stopped Midway

Badshah Blames Show Promoter After Dallas Gig Stopped Midway

Photo: @Its_Badshah

DALLAS, TX (IANS) – Rapper Badshah has issued a statement after his show here was stopped midway.

The rapper said the show promoter was at fault for not coordinating properly with the local administration.

Stating that he is “heartbroken and bummed about what happened”, Badshah said he was really looking forward to performing in Dallas but due to a discrepancy between the local promoters and the production company, he was forced to cut short the set and stop the show midway.

“Promoters need to be better equipped, especially for large format shows and this kind of nonchalance is just unacceptable to most performing artists. It takes a considerable amount of energy and effort to put together a tour of considerable scale.

This isn’t fair to the fans who spend their hard-earned money to purchase tickets, and it definitely isn’t fair to the whole crew who pours their hearts into putting on these tours. We rehearse for weeks, plan for months, and travel tirelessly to give you the best possible experience,” he said in the statement.

Badshah also said that the music industry is all about respect – respect for the fans as much as it is about respect for the artistes and the support crew.

“My management tried everything in their control to salvage the situation and ensure a smooth run. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, disappointment and irritation caused due to this sheer lack of management from the promoter’s end.

“We will make sure things are better managed in the future with a more competent promoter team that prioritizes quality experience and understands that music and touring is a serious business,” the rapper added.

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  • here actually artist and international promotor is to be blamed not local promotor and I will explain why.
    Artist is demanding hefty fees to perform (greed) and for this reason international promotor has to find a local promotor who can pay the highest
    bidding price to recover artist fee and expenses and ignores local promotors credentials expertise etc. once ticket sales are less than amount paid to artis, and international promotor local promotor tries to cut corners on production expenses since show money normally prepaid to artist/international promotor. experienced local promotor will not take high priced show knowing show cannot recover cost and new promotor due to lack of experience gets into this trap and either suffers financially or show suffers like this one. I have promoted several star-studded shows in bay area California for 30 years and last show I promoted is Dabang reloaded with Salman khan and his team.

    June 17, 2024

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