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Indian Ocean Make ‘Spiritual And Contemplative’ Album ‘Tu Hai’


Indian Ocean Make ‘Spiritual And Contemplative’ Album ‘Tu Hai’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Indian folk fusion band, Indian Ocean has announced the release of their eighth album ‘Tu Hai’ which arrives on May 5.

Their forthcoming 6-track release attempts to showcase the evolution of the band’s signature sound as well sample the musical diversity for which they are celebrated and loved.

Themes of climate change and philosophical musings form a pivotal part of the album paying tribute to the band’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and the environment, which has been a defining feature of their music since their inception.

The album also plays host to an eclectic mix of collaborators such as Grammy Award winning percussionist Vikku Vinayakram, storyteller Varun Grover and American saxophonist George Brooks, bringing to life striking lyrics and intriguing compositions.

Rahul Ram, bass guitarist and vocalist of the band states: “The album is spiritual and contemplative and a transformative expedition that has been in the works for many years. We completed the production in 2019 but there was an unfortunate pandemic outbreak and we had to rethink our plans.”

“During the lockdown, the importance of how we need to cooperate and coexist with nature became such a glaring hard truth and that if we give nature a chance, it will recuperate.”

He added: “This album is a tribute to that universal thought as well as a friendly reminder to all of humanity to make sustainably wise choices that are not just fodder for your outer appearances but also a haven for your inner temple. We are just very grateful and happy that we can finally hit the road and take this album to different parts of the country over the next few months with the Tu Hai India Tour.”

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