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Jealous Saira Banu Cropped Out Vyjayanthimala’s Face From ‘Madhumati’ Photo!

Jealous Saira Banu Cropped Out Vyjayanthimala’s Face From ‘Madhumati’ Photo!

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Veteran actress Saira Banu, who often shares anecdotal posts on her Instagram account, on September 12, shared another throwback story on the photo-sharing app and shared that during her childhood, she was an ardent fan of actress Vyjayanthimala and actor Dilip Kumar.

The veteran actress remembers cutting out posters from magazines and pasting them on her wall from an old photoshoot of the film ‘Madhumati’ which celebrates its 65th anniversary on September 12.

The film features Saira’s husband Dilip Kumar, and Vyjayanthimala whom Saira fondly calls ‘Akka’ (elder sister).

Sharing a set of three pictures, Saira Banu posted on Instagram, “More often than not childhood and teenage memories can be so strange and rib-tricklingly funny. To me, this memory of 1958, when I was a young girl, is embarrassing to the tee because today, down the years my association with my favorite film star Vyjayanthimala has turned into an alliance wherein she is ‘Akka’ (elder sister) to me and we speak to each other every other week.

“As I was growing up, I had this habit of pasting photos of my favorite heartthrobs on the wall just next to my bed so that first thing I could gaze at them. Just a year earlier I had seen Sahib’s fantastic performance in ‘AAN’ which was specially screened in London”.

She continued in her note, “He was so handsome. I was mad at him. Then there were also cutouts of Elvis Presley the King of Rock, towering Rock Hudson, and the enigmatic James Dean pasted on the wall. In our home in London, we had this letter box which was the cynosure of the eyes of my brother Sultan and my expectant eyes as letters from our mother and friends would come from India. Being homesick we would thirst for them. My mother knew I was crazy about Indian films so she would intermittently post (a film magazine) for our entertainment.”

She further mentioned that it was a mad scramble between her and her brother as to who would be the first to grab the magazine and of course, the letters from home, and this always ended in a tussle scrap, almost becoming a wrestling match wherein Sultan (her brother) ended up laughing uncontrollably at her pathetic flap of arms in serious attempts to get hold of the magazine.

She added, “In one such magazine, there was this photo of “MADHUMATI” which was considered bold at that time where Sahib was romantically resting his face on Vyjayantimala’s forehead. It was a beautiful photo, and, in my childishness, I got so jealous of Sahib’s proximity to her face that I took a pair of scissors and deftly started to skip away that portion of the photograph. Just imagine. I am hysterical with laughter when I recall this.

“Until then, I had never seen her in any film, and as fate would have it, I grew up to meet, admire, and associate with her as a member of my family. There are many interesting memories with her wherein I hold “Akka’ in high esteem and shall narrate it one day.”

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  • Why are they calling him as “Dilip Kumar”? His real name was Yusuf Khan. At least, after his death, call him by his real name. He was anti-Hindu and changed his name to put his long and dirty hands in the pockets of innocent Hindus. He is going to rot where he is. I had an encounter with him in March 2007 in Meridien Hotel, New Delhi. I told him so. Saria Banu whisked him away.

    September 14, 2023

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