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Makkai Kesari (Polenta Halwa)

Makkai Kesari (Polenta Halwa)


1. One-third of makkai fine dalia or polenta

2. One-third cup of sugar

3. One-third cup of ghee

4. One-fourth tsp of Cardamom powder

5. Two or three cups of hot water

6. Roasted dry nuts

7. Two tbsp of khoya

8. Four to six drops of yellow or orange food color

Method:In a pan, heat the ghee. Add the polenta and saute for about five minutes. When the polenta gives off a gentle aroma, add the sugar add cardamom powder. Now add the water and food color and mix well. Over medium flame, cook till the water is absorbed and the polenta Kesari is slightly translucent. Turn off the heat and let the Kesari cool to room temperature. Using a spoon or a fork, fluff the Kesari. (ANI)

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