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Mushroom Pav

Mushroom Pav


Mushroom 250gm

Porcini mushroom 20gm

Chopped garlic 10gm

Chopped ginger 5gm

Chopped masala 100gm

Lemon slices

Cilantro 5gm

Butter 10gm

Oil 10ml

Salt 2gm

Pav 8 pieces

Green chilli 2gm

Onion rings (raw) 50gm


Take a pan heat it adds oil and sauté chopped garlic and chopped ginger until it’s golden brown. Add mushroom and porcini mushroom in it and sauté it until all the water reduces and it’s soft in texture. Then add chopped masala, green coriander to it. Add salt as per the seasoning. Take four pieces of pav (mini slider bun) cut it from the top and remove all sponges from inside. Then toast it in the oven for 10seconds and remove it back. Then fill it with the mushroom mixer. And garnish it with chilly and lemon slices. And some onion rings on the side.

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