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Prannoy Roy And Radhika Roy Allowed To Travel Abroad

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Prannoy Roy And Radhika Roy Allowed To Travel Abroad

NEW DELHI (IANS) – The Delhi High Court on May 23 granted permission to NDTV founders Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy to travel abroad from July 25 to August 15, subject to certain conditions.

The application was filed by the duo to challenge the CBI in connection with two FIRs registered against the them in 2017 and 2019.

Justice Pratibha M. Singh, a single-judge bench, stated, “Considering the professional standing of the petitioners and their strong ties to India, they do not pose a flight risk. The petitioners are allowed to travel abroad.”

The respondent opposed the application, citing ongoing investigations against both individuals.

Senior advocate N. Harihan, representing the Roys, submitted that his clients intended to travel abroad for business purposes and to visit Prannoy Roy’s brother.

The court imposed certain conditions, including the requirement to provide their travel itinerary to the court registrar and submit an undertaking stating that they would return no later than August 15.

Justice Singh also mentioned that additional conditions would be incorporated into the order.

“Taking into account the reasons stated in the application and the fact that this court had previously allowed the petitioners to travel on June 1, 2022, the petitioners are permitted to travel abroad,” the court declared.

Previously, the high court had questioned the CBI regarding the LOC issued against the Roys.

On January 20, the counsel representing the CBI had stated that the lookout circular was still in effect. It was also noted that an earlier LOC had expired on June 19, 2020, and a subsequent one had been issued.

In response, Justice Singh remarked, “You cannot continue it indefinitely.”

On June 1, 2022, the high court granted permission for the Roys to travel abroad, citing their cooperation with the CBI. Justice Yashwant Varma, a single-judge bench, had issued the order.

The CBI had argued that the investigation into allegations of financial irregularities was still ongoing and claimed that the Roys were “flight risks.”

However, Justice Varma concluded that there was no evidence to suggest that the couple posed a flight risk.

“It is also not shown or established that they have failed to cooperate in the ongoing investigation. Based on the materials provided by the applicants, it is evident that the petitioners have deep-rooted ties in the country, and therefore, the request for interim permission is justified,” he had stated.

In 2017, the CBI had registered a case against the Roys, alleging financial irregularities during their tenure on NDTV’s managing committee.

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