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Reasons For Infidelity

Reasons For Infidelity

What makes people cheat? Networking platform Gleeden, conducted a survey conducted among ten thousand of their users, and came up with the top 10 reasons for infidelity.

The survey took place among users based out of the Tier -1 cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad Bengaluru, and Pune, between the 35-45 age bracket.

Boredom – It is natural to get bored in a relationship at some point. People look for changes after a certain time, experimenting with their likes. Loneliness also makes people choose someone besides their partner, maybe someone who understands them better.

Communication gap – It is vital to have communication in any relationship, especially in a marriage. No relationship is perfect, but it can be made through communication. Sharing thoughts, listening to your partner, and making small changes can ignite the spark now and then. But with our busy lives, it becomes a headache to resolve these issues.

Dry Spell – Some people get lazy, tired, and exhausted. Partners are not always on the same page. When people don’t get their expectations fulfilled, they turn to the outside world. Not having a respectful conversation, discussing how they both feel about sex, and how life has hijacked the spark can lead to infidelity. Not meeting up the demands of your partner turns them off.

High-end Expectations – It is in human nature to expect and get hurt when it doesn’t turn out their way. Thus, expectations of not getting attention, time, love, care, and intimacy from a partner can make the marriage’s tone negative. Although at times, people stop doing things for their partner due to their comfort zone which tends the other one to think not worthy of themselves.

Past Relationships – Many people are still averse to moving on. This makes them judge their current relationship and partner with their previous one, making them hurt themselves and not giving them a chance to understand and accept their current partner. People who getting forcefully married also go back to their previous partners to whom they are attracted.

Newbie Trends – In this fast-paced world, trends keep hopping up now and then. The hook-up culture is one of them and people follow it. Some do it because they are not happy in their marriage whereas some follow it just to be on trend.

Mono/Polygamy – Many partners share the same mindset about having more than one partner and having an open marriage. They accept that a person can fall in love with 2-3 people, calling it an open relationship. They have a level of understanding of each other and view their partner’s choice of having a relationship outside their marriage as natural.

Domestic Violence – Why would someone be in a relationship where there’s no respect. Whether physical or sexual, 8 out of 10 women experience domestic violence, crushing their self-esteem and hampering their mental and physical health. Who wants to be in a dead-end marriage? When they can’t take help from their own family and society’s judgments won’t let them take a divorce. Finding someone outside their marriage is a boon.

Go with the flow – A cozy environment can make people slip without thinking of the consequences. Yes, it is easy to fall into this trap of being in the moment without realizing the entire foundation of your marriage can get derailed. Most people experience it during their office trips, late-night stays, parties with old mates, etc.

Sexaholic – High on drinks? Nope, just horny. It might sound odd, but people can get addicted to sex, after all, hormones are just chemical juices moving around. They are in a position where they perform sexual activities persistently, unable to control themselves. It is a compulsive behavior, watching porn, masturbating uncontrollably, and having multiple sexual partners.

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