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Teen Dies In Apparent Fall From Cliff

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Teen Dies In Apparent Fall From Cliff

SAN ANTONIO, TX (IANS) – A high-achieving 16-year-old girl was found dead by her mother after an apparent fall from a cliff.

Siri Reddy’s body was tracked by her mother through her phone on May 11 evening to the bottom of a cliff near a stadium near Heroes Stadium on Thousand Oaks, some miles from Keystone School where she was a student.

The station said that according to police she appeared to have fallen off the cliff and died of her injuries, but it was not known why she was at the location.

When she was not at school when her mother went to pick her up, she alerted the police and, meanwhile, located her daughter through her phone, San Antonio Express newspaper reported.

Emergency medical workers who reached the spot were unable to save her.

Reddy was a member of the National Honor Society for high-achieving students, an award-winning member of the school’s Science Fair team, and a member of the school robotics team, as well as a talented singer.

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  • Maybe she was being bullied in school

    May 9, 2023

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