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A Recipe Book For Lifestyle Disorders

A Recipe Book For Lifestyle Disorders

“Lifestyle is an all-encompassing term that has the power to transform your life within weeks,” says Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, the author of ‘Everyday recipes for Diabetes.’

In the author’s words:

If you see each of the recipes, you’ll notice that most of them are normal everyday dishes that we all eat at our homes. I may have tweaked them here and there, but it is more a curation of Indian home food than recipes written by me. I made this book free for all because I wanted people to see at the end of the day all they need is normal home-style meals. Our traditional foods have everything we need to stay healthy; we just need to learn how to tweak the basic recipes as per our health goals.

One of the most common needs is the role the rest of the family plays. In some homes, the remaining family members identify that these are lifestyle disorders, and they may all be at risk as a family. They make dietary and lifestyle changes as a family. Such patients see an almost magical response. Because there is no stress around their food at home. In homes where the remaining family members refuse to support the patient, results are slower and there are higher chances of dropouts.

What makes my book so special to me is that literally, every recipe has a special story and a special person to thank. The Sattu recipe comes from my Nani, the Kanji from my Dadi, there is a salad that comes from all the lunches at my best friend’s home. Mangodi pulao is my mother’s recipe. One that I am most excited about is the Methi ki Chutney. Growing up, Aloo Bedmi and this Chutney was the standard Sunday breakfast at home. Back then we would buy this one special brand from Delhi that we would never find in Mumbai.

Cut to my life as an adult, when I learn that methi seeds are fantastic for type 2 diabetics. So, while most nutritionists ask you to soak the seeds and eat them every morning, I wanted to find a tastier way of incorporating methi seeds. That’s when I recreated the recipe for that chutney and now, this simple recipe has become part of all my clients’ lives.

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