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Canada Excluded As China Lifts Curbs On Group Tours

Canada Excluded As China Lifts Curbs On Group Tours

BEIJING, (IANS) – China has lifted restrictions on group tours to multiple countries, including the US and UK, but excluded Canada from the list of nations, suggesting a deterioration of ties after Ottawa recently accused Beijing of meddling in its internal politics.

Last week, China added 78 countries to its list of approved destinations for group tours, excluding Canada, while adding other major G20 countries like the US, Germany, Australia, and South Korea, reports the BBC.

There are currently 138 countries on the list.

China’s latest move could have a significant impact on Canada’s tourism industry.

Destination Canada, which promotes tourism in the country, told broadcaster CBC that China accounts for the largest source of tourist arrivals from the Asia-Pacific region.

It is also the second-largest long-haul market after the UK.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries deteriorated rapidly earlier this year amid a series of leaks to Canadian media of reports from domestic intelligence agencies that laid out accusations that China meddled in recent federal elections.

Canada has also accused Beijing of trying to intimidate Conservative member of Parliament Michael Chong and waging a disinformation campaign against him on the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat.

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