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Festive Hair Styling

Festive Hair Styling

While putting together an outfit, do remember it will make the maximum impact when teamed with the right accessories and superb festive hairstyles. These hairdos are easy to create and will raise your style game a notch or two for this Diwali season.

Volumized Blowout, Ideal for all hair types

The festive season can be super hectic with no time at hand to tick out all the checkboxes in your festive checklist. When crunched on time, a smooth blowout would be the best. Quick and easy, the smooth blowout hairstyle can make your hair look effortlessly glamorous, giving you the perfect start to the crazy festive weeks ahead. Start with clean, wet hair. Pre-dry on low heat. Section your hair, lift and dry roots with a large round brush and follow the brush with a styling concentrator. Repeat on all sections. To achieve a super smooth finish, use the Dyson AirwrapTM multi-styler’s flyaway attachment. Select high speed and low heat. For thicker hair types, use higher heat settings. Hold closer to the hair until it attracts and slowly run down through the hair to hide flyaways. Repeat all sections. Part your hair according to your preference and glam up the look by adding a rhinestone studded pin to one side.

Bollywood Waves

After planning every element for the festive season, from attire to house decor and more, your creative mind could get exhausted. But you do not want to take a back seat while deciding on a hairstyle. Get inspired by the Bollywood queens/ celebrities with their fuss-proof style that is sure to make a noise. Start with towel-dried hair and apply your favorite styling product. Comb mid-lengths and ends with a detangling comb. Pre-dry your hair. Divide hair into multiple sections and create voluminous curls and waves in both directions. Set the airflow direction to curl outwards from the left side of your face. Take the bottom section of your hair and hold it in place until dry. Set the curl with a cold shot for 10 seconds. Repeat the same at the top section of your hair. Next, change the airflow direction for the other sections of hair and repeat on the other side. Create volume at the crown area and touch up front hair pieces to finish up the look.

Smooth & Sleek

The classic straight, sleek never goes out of style. After washing your hair, apply a styling cream and begin to blow dry your hair smoothly. Doing this step first will maximize the smoothness and help prolong the style. Once dry, brush the hair through to remove any tangles. Next, section the hair into manageable pieces, tying or clipping away the top sections first. Take each section – sections should be a similar size to the plates to allow the strands to spread evenly across them – and place the straightener close to the roots and glide through to the ends at a medium speed. Reduce the heat setting for hairline sections. To get closer to the roots, take sections at an angle. Apply a holding styling product to fix the style in place and increase style longevity. Add hair accessories such as stick-on pearls on a few front pieces of your hair to amp up your look.

Low Bun

An elegant hairstyle can elevate any attire. In this case, a low bun is a perfect choice for those who wish to effortlessly spice up their look. Utilize the natural oils in the hair with this effortlessly chic low bun look. Add fresh flowers to the bun for a more subtle look or level up the look with an embellished hairband, hairpin, or clips in gold or silver shades. Start by dampening down any flyaways with a little water, smooth down any frizz and stretch out curls, whilst setting the parting into place. Using an elastic band, secure the hair into a low ponytail at the back of the head towards the nape, drawing the hair down evenly at both sides, smoothing neatly over the top of the ears. Twist the ponytail into a bun and fix it into place with hair pings and a spritz of holding spray. Tackle any flyaways by spritzing a little holding spray onto a toothbrush and brushing flyaways into place. Try weaving baby’s breath or hydrangeas into the bun or a hairband.

Soft Updo

An easily attainable hairdo for your next Diwali dinner or cards party. Opt for this updo that’s sophisticated yet laid back. Convenience is key. Turn your soft curls into a strong pinned-up appeal, without crossing over to a traditional bun. Blow dry the hair until 80% dry. Once dry, section your hair in half, creating a center part.

Starting with one half, create outward-facing curls by manually winding a small section of hair on high heat. Heat each section of hair for 5 seconds (or until dry) and set the curl with the cold shot setting for 3 seconds. Repeat the process and complete the first half of the hair. Complete the second half of the hair the same way. With an elastic band, tie the hair into a low-side ponytail. Split the ponytail in half, twist one half to the elastic band and secure it with pins. Repeat the same for the other half. For a more natural look, loosen strands of hair at the top part and release strands of fringe at the side. You may also add some flowers to go with your traditional attire.

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