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Find Work Life Balance Says Keira Knightley

Find Work Life Balance Says Keira Knightley

NEW DELHI (IANS) -Actress Keira Knightley is the face of Indian brand Black Dog, from the house of Diageo, for its #SavourThePause campaign in India. This collaboration saw the launch of the campaign featuring the actor to establish the significance of ‘Balance’ in life.

The campaign explores the constant negotiation between the pace and pause of everyday life, how moments of pause become the very pivot that centers us and brings us back in sync before we get pulled in by the demands of life again.

Knightley spoke about her life:

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2022?

A:Parties with friends!

Q:The one Lockdown/ home sheltering habit you can’t quite shake off?

A: Pyjamas!

Q:As things start to get normal again are you happy to go out, attend film and fashion events, socialize, meet friends?

A: Obviously, the biggest thing is missing our loved ones. The last two years have been so hard on everyone, and we’re all waiting for the world to open and enjoy socializing and spending more time with the people in our lives we love most.

Q: Tell us about the campaign and your collaboration with Black Dog?

A: It has been a pleasure to be associated with Diageo and onboard for a campaign that I truly resonate with and a brand that I love. #SavorThePause has a great narrative behind it – it is not just a brand showcasing how we should use it; it has got purpose and a drive to ensure young achievers and individuals are encourages to find a harmonious balance between the hustle and fast paced lives we have today. It is a message for them to savor each pause they can, to reflect, to balance and find their center, which will eventually then aid them to catapult into the next hustle and prepare for it. And I truly believe that we should always find a balance between our work and our own lives.

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