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Hindu Family Attacked in Pakistan

Hindu Family Attacked in Pakistan

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – A Hindu family from Sanghar in Sindh province of Pakistan was attacked on August 7 evening by almost a dozen men over a petty squabble, prompting uproar on social media with netizens demanding justice for the victims.

The family, which included three women and two kids, was attacked at a restaurant. The attackers who arrived in a Vigo after “tracing” the family smashed the car and hurt Ajay Kumar, who was present in the car.

According to a relative of Kumar, the suspects started attacking the Hindu family without any reason. He said the family members, who were returning from Raharki Sahib — a temple in the area — tried to cross Shamsher Pitafi’s vehicle but they were repeatedly denied the right to overtake.

As the family managed to get ahead, Pitafi followed them and later the men who came attacked them.

However, people who had gathered at the spot tried to diffuse the situation and saved the family from the physical assault.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz said the attackers had also misbehaved with women.

Pitafi is a cousin of Sindh Livestock and Fisheries Minister, Abdul Bari Pitafi. They added that the local Hindu elders asked Kumar not to register an FIR against Pitafi. They also informed that due to “political pressure”, the police were reluctant to arrest the men involved in the attack.

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