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Kajol: Facing Toughest Trial Of My Life

Kajol-Facing-Toughest-Trial-Of-My-Life India West

Kajol: Facing Toughest Trial Of My Life

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Bollywood actress Kajol has announced that she is currently facing one of the toughest trials in her life and has decided to take a break from social media.

On June 9, Kajol archived all her pictures on Instagram, temporarily hiding them. She now has only one post remaining, which states, “Facing one of the toughest trials of my life,” with the caption, “Taking a break from social media.”

The reason for her break is unknown at the moment, although some fans speculate that it might be a promotional strategy for her upcoming project ‘The Good Wife.’ Nevertheless, many fans have expressed their support for the actress during this time. One fan sent love and encouragement, saying, “Sending you all my love. Take your time. We will be here.” Another fan expressed anticipation for her comeback, while others professed their love and called her their inspiration.

In the Indian adaptation of ‘The Good Wife,’ titled ‘The Good Wife – Pyaar, Kanoon, Dhoka,’ Kajol portrays the role of a lawyer. The original series, ‘The Good Wife,’ was created by CBS Studios in collaboration with Scott Free Productions and King Size Productions.

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  • Never hear of Kajol. Is she wife of Charu/Sharu?

    June 9, 2023
  • Gimmick.

    June 9, 2023
  • Marketing strategy for upcoming web series.

    June 22, 2023

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