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Kareena Calls Dubbing For Marvel ‘Surreal’

Kareena Calls Dubbing For Marvel ‘Surreal’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Expanding on the world of audio podcasts for different storytelling, now after the Marvel character Hawkeye, Black Widow has got her own audio podcast series titled ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow’ in Hindi dubbed by Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor

Elaborating on her experience, she said: “Breathing life into a character as iconic as Black Widow has been a surreal experience. Taking listeners on an action-packed journey in ‘Marvel’s Black Widow’, using only my voice, has been a unique challenge. I hope that listeners can envision the story using their imagination and resonate with her unyielding spirit like I did.”

Marvel Comics is now investing a lot into the world of audio podcast recently as they are expanding their universe and storytelling, introducing dark, alternative concepts in the style of MCU’s ‘What If…?’ series.

The Hindi dub of ‘Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow’ features a strong cast with the voices of Kareena Kapoor Khan as the voice of Black Widow/Helen Black, Masaba Gupta as Lisa Cartwright, Vihaan Samat as Jordan Temple, Adah Sharma as Yelena Belova, Nitu Chandra as Judy Kratz, and Aditi Bhatia as K.I.M.

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