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Malasana is My Favorite Posture: Deepika Padukone

Malasana is My Favorite Posture: Deepika Padukone

Actress Deepika Padukone has worked towards normalizing mental health to enlighten everyone that mental illness is not always critical but can be the reason our daily lives include so much stress.

When did you start practicing yoga?

Deepika: I started practicing yoga with consistency about two years ago after what felt like a deep inner calling. At around the same time, I was also offered a movie where I was given the role of a yoga instructor. In short, it was an inner calling mixed with the professional requirement that eventually pushed me to look for the right instructor and get going on my yoga journey.

What is the connection between nature and practicing yoga?

Deepika: The beauty of yoga, apart from its numerous benefits, is that you can practice it in absolutely any space, in any part of the world. We often talk about being self-reliant. Yoga is one such practice. All you need is your mind and your body.

What are your thoughts on the benefits of practicing yoga?

Deepika: I have, over the years, been exposed to many different types of workouts, exercises, and practices. However, practicing yoga, makes me feel the most centered, balanced, and grounded. Feeling alive and connected from within, like I am in control, is something I have never experienced in any other practice, except in yoga.

Your favorite yoga postures

Deepika: If I had to choose one, ‘Malasana’ would have to be my favorite posture. A hip opener that makes me feel like my chakras are aligned. (IANS)

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