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Masaba Gupta Unveils Bridal Label ‘Raanjhan Aaya’

Masaba Gupta Unveils Bridal Label ‘Raanjhan Aaya’

Masaba Gupta Unveils Bridal Label ‘Raanjhan Aaya’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – In a dazzling union of cultural heritage and artistic innovation, renowned fashion designer Masaba Gupta has taken the fashion world by storm with her latest luxury bridal label, Patiala Portraits. At the heart of this creative endeavor is a captivating musical masterpiece, ‘Raanjhan Aaya,’ a modern rendition of the evergreen Punjabi tappe. This exciting collaboration with Akshay and IP Singh, in association with Sony Music, stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and contemporary finesse.

‘Raanjhan Aaya’ breathes new life into the classic Punjabi folk song, harmoniously blending it with the beloved ‘Kala Shah Kala melodies.’ This musical transformation showcases the remarkable artistic prowess of Akshay and IP, who have skillfully infused the essence of a Punjabi shaadi (wedding) into the lyrics.

Speaking about this creative journey, Masaba Gupta expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Akshay & IP have brought alive the emotion of a shaadi while sprinkling the collection notes in the lyrics beautifully. Creating ‘Raanjhan Aaya’ and ‘The Masaba Bride’ has been an incredible journey of fusing tradition with contemporary finesse.”

This musical odyssey seamlessly weaves together a vibrant tapestry of diverse musical genres and instruments, skillfully merging heritage tunes with contemporary beats. At its core, ‘Raanjhan Aaya’ encapsulates the effervescent spirit of traditional Punjabi wedding music, a cultural cornerstone that has filled countless celebrations with joy and exuberance for generations.

Masaba Gupta shared the video on her social media platforms, introducing Kareena Kapoor Khan as the very first Masaba Bride. She described Kareena as “a celebration of strength, independence, and individuality,” highlighting the unique blend of India’s regal history with contemporary designs that define ‘Raanjhan Aaya’ and ‘The Masaba Bride.’

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