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President Biden Interviews On Jay Shetty’s Podcast

President Biden Interviews On Jay Shetty’s Podcast

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden had recently acknowledged a new addition to his family, counting his son Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, among his grandchildren in a press statement. He reiterated that again during an interview on a podcast “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” which was released on July 31.

During the podcast episode, President Biden mentioned that he now has seven grandchildren, not six, clarifying that five of them are old enough to communicate with regularly. He shared that he either texts or calls his grandkids every day. This is the first time Biden has publicly cited the number seven when discussing his family during an interview.

Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker, author, and former monk. He gained significant popularity through his work on social media platforms, where he shares inspirational and motivational content. His videos often focus on personal development, mindfulness, and self-improvement, drawing on his experiences as a monk and his insights on life.

Before gaining fame as a motivational speaker, Jay Shetty spent three years as a monk in India, where he learned ancient wisdom and meditation techniques. After leaving the monastery, he transitioned to the digital world and started creating content to inspire and educate people on various life topics.

In the same interview, President Biden also shared a childhood story about how he once stood up to a neighborhood bully. He recalled his Irish American mother, Catherine Eugenia Finnegan, advising him to confront the bully and defend himself. He followed her advice and successfully faced the bully, an experience that shaped his approach to negotiation and dealing with difficult situations throughout his life.

During the interview, Biden highlighted the importance of understanding the motivations of others when negotiating, both in domestic and international affairs. He emphasized the possibility of breaking through and finding common ground even with adversaries, suggesting that finding solutions through compromise is vital.

 In addition to discussing his personal life, President Biden revealed that he enjoys watching movies in the White House theater, with “Oppenheimer,” a film about the development of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during World War Two, being on his watchlist.

 President Biden’s interview on “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” provides a rare opportunity for the public to gain insights into his personal experiences, negotiation strategies, and interests outside of his political duties.

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  • Sir you are a racist person.
    Please stop your terrible comments.

    August 1, 2023
  • Jay Shetty’s interview with President Joe Biden was very touching when he said he has 7 Grandchildren. In life you never know what people are going thru, and who are we to judge. President Joe Biden is a good family man and that is all that matters. It is people like him that deserve to be President.

    August 4, 2023

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