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Raveena Says Patriarchy Still A Challenge For Women


Raveena Says Patriarchy Still A Challenge For Women

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Raveena Tandon, who is receiving lots of positive response for her work in the streaming movie ‘Patna Shuklla’, feels that despite progressive laws and the improved thought process of society, patriarchy is still very much prevalent in the current times.

The actress also said that women still face the challenges thrown by patriarchy in both their personal and professional circles.

Elaborating on the same, Raveena, who plays lawyer Tanvi Shukla in ‘Patna Shuklla’, said, “Patriarchy is something that every woman has faced and is still facing, be it at work or at home. ‘Patna Shuklla’ is a journey of a woman commanded by patriarchy and one who breaks away from it.”

“Tanvi doesn’t see patriarchy as a challenge, she chases justice and breaks the glass ceiling of patriarchy along the way. I want the audience to take in Tanvi’s courage, warmth, and determination because no challenge will sustain for long then,” she added.

The film dives into the education scam of fake roll numbers that affects the lives of thousands of earnest students in India.

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  • Raveena Tandon, whom I consider, as one of the few real actress of the Hindi screen. She has versatility and range inher acting that sets her apart from the flock. So far, she has been known for “Akiose Golimari” where she has displayed her dancing skills. but, you have only seen one end of the talent.

    Here, we see the real potential of an actress when she’s taken out of the typical song and dance routine. Along with Atul Kulkarni, who portrays a conniving politician to the brim, she portrays how an innocent Anuradha becomes Anu, a fiesty woman politician in a male dominated field, who is a ready target of exploiting politicians.

    “SATTA” is one great direction from Madhur Bhandarkar” …one of the top 10 directors in Indian cinema. This is one heck of a movie that I had the pleasure of watching.

    April 30, 2024

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