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Shahid Kapoor Talks About His Oldest Love Affair

Shahid-Kapoor-Talks-About-His-Oldest-Love-Affair India West

Shahid Kapoor Talks About His Oldest Love Affair

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Actor Shahid Kapoor shares his deep love for motorcycles, describing the appeal of the freedom, independence, and direct experience they offer. He feels a strong connection with motorcycles and believes that everyone has their own unique preference and riding style. Having been riding since he was 18, Shahid’s instinct is to choose a two-wheeler over a four-wheeler.

Reflecting on a memorable biking trip with his brother Ishaan and Kunal Khemu, Shahid considers it one of the best memories they have shared. In Mumbai, where riding is often challenging due to traffic, they were able to embark on this trip together, which made it truly amazing.

Shahid also combines his love for riding with spending quality time with his mother, as seen in their trip to Bhutan. While he acknowledges that his mother gets nervous on motorcycles, they enjoyed the beautiful roads of Bhutan and created a fun and memorable journey together.

When it comes to taking care of his motorcycles, Shahid emphasizes the importance of timely servicing, keeping them clean, and ensuring they are ridden regularly. Treating motorcycles as part of the family and maintaining a connection with them is crucial, as neglecting them can be detrimental. Shahid believes that love for motorcycles should come naturally, and he advises young motorcyclists to not merely focus on the aesthetics but to understand the physics and engineering behind their vehicles. Prioritizing safety is essential in the world of two-wheelers.

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