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Sri Lanka Ponders Studying Ravana

Sri Lanka Ponders Studying Ravana

COLOMBO, (IANS) – Sri Lanka’s opposition lawmaker has filed a motion in the Parliament seeking an in-depth study on Ravana, the mythical demon king referred in the Ramayana – the oldest Sanskrit epic written in the 5th century BCE.

In a private member motion, MP Buddhika Pathirana has urged the initiation of a systematic study on Ravana, on whom there is no specific historical information.

He said that a study would help to know about the hidden period of Sri Lanka’s history and such a study would enable an understanding of the knowledge that king Ravana possessed.

Even though there are many locations related to Ravana in Sri Lanka and other characters like Seeta in Ramayana, there is no specific study or historical data.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in studying Ravana; and groups and organizations related to Sinhala nationalism have used the name of Ravana to identify themselves.

The motion is listed for presentation in the House on December 9.

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  • Yes, this is a good idea. Ravana was a Dashagranthi (ten scriptures) Braahman. He went through long Japa and Tapa for god Shiva. Ravan received boons from God Shiva. Ravan could talk with NavaGrahaas. Ravan was one of the very few strongest persons in the world. Finally, thus Ravan was invited by Shri God Ramchandra to conduct his (Ram)’s pooja before crossing the ocan. Because Ravan was the best most learned Brahmin in the world according to Rama. Ravan came and conducted Rama’s pooja. As per Ravana’s wish his Dakshana was that Rama will be present when Ravan was dying.
    Dr. Prabhakar g. Joshi, Illinois.

    November 22, 2022
  • It is RAVAN, and not RAVANA. Why it is that they continue to insult holy Hindi names by misspelling? Examples: SHIV (NOT SHIVA); RAMAYAN (NOT RAMAYANA); GANESH (NOT GANESHA), ETC.

    November 22, 2022

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