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Star Reacts To ‘La La La’ Moment Becoming A Viral Meme


Star Reacts To ‘La La La’ Moment Becoming A Viral Meme

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actor Mohammad Nazim, who plays the character of Ahem Modi in ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’, has talked about various moments from the show going viral and becoming memes on social media.

The show has many meme-worthy moments, many of which have gone viral, and now yet another scene from the show is all over social media. This one features a scene with Ahem humming a ‘La La La’ tune.

Talking about his reaction when he first saw the viral La La La meme, Nazim said, “The video features Gopi opening a rice bowl, humming ‘Lalala’, and alluding to a 7.5 crore question. Discussing what he witnessed feel uneasy. I express my positive reaction with ‘’lalala’, but I’m cautious due to my sister, sister-in-law, and fans reading my content. Despite the video’s silliness, its 40 million views are remarkable.”

“This happened circa 2011-2012 before Gopi was replaced, highlighting an era when love concepts were subtly portrayed in the film industry. Amid a crew of a hundred people, we exchanged jokes and found comfort during scene shoots,” he added.

The actor also shared how such memes have affected his popularity.

“Intermittent popularity exists but lacks consistent prominence, despite its scale and absence of overwhelming significance. Social media plays a crucial role. My recent show, ‘Tera Mera Sath Rahe,’ garnered praise with a noteworthy 0.8 TRP for its premiere — an anomaly considering recent Star Bharat shows typically start around 0.4 or 0.5 in opening TRP.”

“Initially preoccupied elsewhere I now harbor doubts about any show reaching even 0.4 or 0.5 in opening TRP. Our show began at 0.8 and subsequently declined, accompanied by valuable feedback. With an upcoming film, I’m actively engaging on social media, tapping into my Punjabi roots for broader connection. As an artist, satisfaction stems from the work and interacting with the audience.”

The actor mentions how people still remember him as Ahem, and sometimes ask questions believing he is Ahem too.

Nazim replied: “People often inquire, “Ahem ji, didn’t you go to the office?” This question is a common occurrence, even on Sundays. Many individuals prod me unnecessarily, seeking a response. What should be my sweet and polite reply to these inquiries?”

Ask him if the virality of his memes has brought in any opportunities, he says, “I haven’t encountered such situations yet, but whenever I attend meetings, even channel representatives acknowledge my high level of activity, considering it a positive trait.”

He adds that any trolling does not affect him.

“I remain entirely positive; nothing affects me negatively.”

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