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The vulnerability to falls and slips increases with age. Enhancing our living spaces with basic amenities cannot just offer safety and easy access to basic facilities for the

Our mental space stands in direct proportion to our perception of physical space. Special cells in the Hippocampal regions of our brains are attuned to the geometry and

We spend most of our time on the screen whether it's on the phone or infant of a computer. It becomes impossible to escape social media and influencer-created

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and a dynamic approach to work, Millennials and Generation Z are stepping onto the professional stage with an unprecedented blend

By Behzad Kharas A glimpse of what's set to shape living spaces in the coming year. Brown Renaissance: 2024 will witness a shift from grey to brown, not just in fabrics

As 2023 winds down and 2024 optimistically appears on the horizon, people around the world have emotionally checked out of the news agenda and events at home to take a

By Punam Kalra Luminous Pathways: Illuminate your walkways and garden paths with an enchanting display of twinkling lights. Opt for classic white lights for a timeless look or mix in

A list of activities to infuse fun into your celebrations, ensuring a memorable and spirited Christmas for all. Spend quality time at home with loved ones Christmas beckons the entire

By Devesh Shah Aesthetically pleasing furniture and decor can contribute to a positive holiday mood. Colors. It can play a significant role in setting the mood for festive occasions. Red