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UAE Jails Mumbai Actress In Drugs Case


UAE Jails Mumbai Actress In Drugs Case

Photo : Chrisann Pereira (First from the Left)

MUMBAI, (IANS) – In an unnerving development, a Mumbai actress has been jailed in the UAE’s Sharjah after she was found carrying drugs hidden in an award trophy even as the Mumbai Police nabbed a person who had trapped her and two others into becoming “drug mules”.

Chrisann Pereira’s distraught family here said that Chrisann, 27 – in jail since April 1 – is innocent and sought her early release from the UAE prison after her bail plea was rejected on April 24 there.

An upcoming actress, Chrisann has played roles in films like “Sadak 2”, “Batla House”, the web series “Thinkistan”, and several stage plays, and lives in Borivali suburb with her family.

“We are appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister for External Affairs for their intervention in the matter to secure the release of our daughter… After the Mumbai Police investigation, it is clear that she was framed in the whole thing,” her mother Premila Pereira said.

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch, which is probing the case, has nabbed the prime accused Anthony Paul, 35, a bakery owner of Borivali, and his associate, a banker Rajesh Bubhate, 34, alias Ravi.

They have confessed to handing three persons the award trophies with drugs concealed in them and two others with drugs-laced cakes before they flew to Dubai, ostensibly as a vendetta against the Pereira family.

While two, including Chrisann, unwittingly walked into the trap, three others managed to evade the authorities in Sharjah.

The accused, identifying himself as a talent consultant, had approached Premila Pereira in March-end, to lure Chrisann with an audition for a role in an international web series in Sharjah.

He also persuaded Chrisann to carry the trophy in which he had hidden the drugs to be handed over to an associate in Sharjah who would give details of her hotel booking.

After reaching Sharjah, Chrisann found that nobody came to receive her at the airport, but the local police landed, detected the drugs in the trophy and hauled her to the lockup, and later the Sharjah Central Prison from April 1.

Paul, said to be the brain behind the revenge con, apparently nursed an old grudge against the Pereira family, especially Premila (the mother), and even got into fisticuffs with her son Kevin.

Police have found that the accused Paul had used the same modus operandi with some other wannabe actors, assuring them of plum roles in global web series, though one person declined to carry the trophy, which Chrisann later agreed to take with her.

The Mumbai Police do not suspect a drug syndicate involvement but only Paul’s “revenge tactics” against all the victims with whom he had some or other problems, but they are investigating from various angles.

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  • PM Modi’s cannot get involved in all cases. The woman was carrying drugs in her award and she will need to prove that she is innocent.

    Where are her Bollywood supporters. They should have met with the UAE consulate and if they were not heard, should have announced a total boycott of UAE.

    Watch UAE release her and even apologize. They should go to every airport and shame all passengers traveling on Emirates. And get all cricketers and sportsmen to join them internationally.

    Let the double O-rings know that they cannot abuse people.

    Maybe even grab the UAE men who abused little girls; virgins for a payment to their payments. Stick them in jail so none of the O-rings come to India for abusing girls.

    April 25, 2023
  • Only an evil-minded person can do such a thing to innocent young actor.

    April 25, 2023
  • Though there is an outside chance that the lady is innocent as claimed, but there is also a good chance that she was a carrier of drugs as charged.
    Drugs are destroying innocent lives in India. Much of the drug activity originates in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and spreads to India through its operatives and supporters. Anti-national groups and organizations champion the drug trade. Punjab, Maharashtra and Kerala lead this activity. Many lives are ruined.
    A casual scan of the names of those arrested reveals that the activities are championed by two “minority” communities.

    April 25, 2023

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