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Vitriolic Verbal Attack on Hindu American in Fremont, CA

Vitriolic Verbal Attack on Hindu American in Fremont, CA

India-West Staff Reporter

FREMONT, CA – A Hindu man faced a shocking verbal attack here on August 22. Krishnan J Iyer had gone to a local Taco Bell to pick up some fast food when he encountered another customer who launched into a rant.

Krishnan posted the last 8 minutes of the 15-minute encounter he said he had to endure, on twitter. He added that in the initial part, the abuser spat directly at him, but the spit ended up on the counter.

Fremont PD came to his rescue, he reported, but it was unclear at deadline whether the accused was arrested.

In the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Og1XJXkpFo  the man ranting at Krishnan can be seen sporting a top knot, beard, dark T-shirt, shorts, and red sneakers. At one point, he points to his tattooed arms which seems to be of guns.

Twitter has speculated about the man as he appears to be clued into Indian matters: he addresses the antipathy to beef, the preference of many vegetarian Indian Americans for bean burritos, makes references to cow urine, H1B visas, and Jai Hind.

Excerpts of the disturbing anti-Hindu bigotry and abuse: “You people are f*****g ugly, nasty. You are disgusting, retarded. He likes eating cow s**t (talking to staff). he bathes in urine. I am going to beat you’re a**, n****r. You look nasty, dirty Hindu (spits). f*****g ordering bean burrito.” Turning to the Taco Bell staff, he says “May i get a BEEF Quesadilla.eveyrthing beef, I like beef”

“You dirty m****rf****r. You f*****g ugly ass Hindu…you f****d India up, you are f*****g America up. You are disgusting with your H1-B visa…you f****g disgusting. Cow urine, that’s what you shower in. Nobody likes you, that’s why you get robbed. That’s why you m****rf*****s are victims, p**sy. Jai Hind, Jai Hind (in mocking tone, followed by derogatory gesture)”

At various points during his rant, the accused pointed and advanced menacingly towards Krishnan.

The Indian American’s twitter handle upto this point seems to have been related mostly to cricket. 

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