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2,500 Music Lovers Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Ilayaraaja In Tampa

2,500 Music Lovers Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To Ilayaraaja In Tampa

India-West Staff Reporter

TAMPA, FL – The Sri Ayyappa Society of Tampa embarked on an extraordinary world record attempt during the celebration of legendary music composer Maestro Ilayaraaja’s 80th birthday. The event unfolded as part of a fund-raising initiative for the Sri Ayyappa Society of Tampa temple. The concert, held at the Lakeland RP Funding Center on July 22 reverberated with the exuberance of over 2,300 attendees.

Ilayaraaja’s 30-plus ensemble, accompanied by renowned playback singers including Mano, S. P. B. Saran, Yukendran Vasudevan, Swetha, Sunitha, Vipawari, Priya, Surmukhi, and Anitha, graced the stage. The musical repertoire spanned popular hits in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi, evoking nostalgia and delighting the audience with evergreen melodies that resonate in the hearts of millions.

To commemorate the maestro’s 80th birthday in a unique and grand fashion, SASTA, under the guidance of Sangeetha Ravichandran, orchestrated a world record attempt. Over 2,300 music enthusiasts hailing from 19 U.S. continental states united to sing birthday wishes to Maestro Ilayaraaja in nine different languages.

Sri Ayyappa Society of Tampa’s initiative not only celebrated the musical legacy of Maestro Ilayaraaja but also set a new benchmark in community involvement and creativity. The event underscored the power of music to unite people across languages, cultures, and geographical boundaries, a press release said.

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