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Composer Pranaay Talks About Collaborating With Kailash Kher

Composer Pranaay Talks About Collaborating With Kailash Kher

MUMBAI (ANI) – Music composer Pranaay talked about his collaboration with popular singer Kailash Kher for the song ‘Ho Tayyar’ from the movie ‘OMG 2’.

He said, “Working with Kailash Kher was just amazing because he is a huge bundle of energy. When he comes on the mic you can expect fireworks and that’s exactly what he has done in this song. We wanted somebody with a very iconic and very rustic voice. When it comes to fighting our battles and finding inspiration within us, we will always go back to our basics. And I think when you get somebody like Kailash Kher, the emotion is immensely heightened.”

“The first thing I noticed about him, is that he is extremely humble, very soft-spoken, and very easy to work with. I kept asking for more takes or alaaps and he would just keep giving options like an endless river of music. He also added and improvised a lot to the song. He makes the composer’s job very easy and is an absolute delight to work with,” Pranaay added.

Pranaay, who has composed music for films such as ‘Baaghi’ series, ‘Munna Michael’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’, among others, spoke about his latest composition and said, “The song ‘Ho Tayyaar’ is a motivational song. When you are completely down and out and when the entire world is against you, how do you find your inner strength? So, this song is about finding your mettle and fighting the world. ‘O Yaara Ho Tayyar Ho Tayyar Ye Jag Hai Rann Tera’ means that the world is your battlefield. The song comes at a very important place in the film where the character requires inner strength to fight the world when he is isolated and all alone. The song is mainly about finding the inspiration and finding the light within you.”

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