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American Democracy

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

Under the euphoria of Democracy as the best form of government, we are not able to identify its weaknesses too dangerous to ignore.  Socrates and Machiavelli, at different times in history, pointed out that democracy would likely lead to chaos and tyranny.  In recent times, we saw “Hitlerism” out of German democracy; fascism in Italy; and, in America, it seems we are heading toward bankruptcy and the chaos of socio-political divide, in spite of the first President Washington’s warning in his farewell address.

 Now, in the changing world order, if the inherited form of democracy is not refined, we run the risk of losing it all.  Respecting publisher’s space and reader’s time, detailed discussion is excluded.  To initiate a serious discourse on the subject we recommend:

1.     Redefine Natural Rights with attendant obligations, including the right to free speech, guns, and the media;

2.     Improve quality of elected public officials by adopting requisites for candidates and for voters;

3.     Adopt performance standards for public officials to evaluate them periodically;

4.     Make all elected positions a single 6-year term in life-time;

5.     Phase out the current political economy and adopt safeguards against political economy for political expediency;

6.     Establish a non-partisan National Election Commission with adequate powers to eliminate fraud, falsehood, and enforce civility;

7.     Adopt measures disallowing strikes and protests at public places or disrupting economic activities and assign an area in every jurisdiction for protest


8.     Establish a National Commission on Wages to judiciously evaluate the Unions’ demands, keeping in view the sustainability of local markets and competition in world markets;

9.     Abolish the Senate and establish a non-partisan, 15-member Supreme Council to be elected by the American citizens to take over the Senate responsibilities as well as the President-Vice Presidents offices.  The highest two vote getters may be the President and Vice-President for the 6-year term.

10.  The Supreme Council, in consultation with available resources, may adopt National Goals to be met in their 6-year term, with powers to amend the Constitution;

11.  Political parties, through their elected officials in the House of Reps, may act as advisers to the Supreme Council in pursuit of the adopted goals; and,

12.  Establish an Institute of Political Learning to train voters, candidates, and observe democratic operations for testing the assumptions in Democratic Ideology.

America is certainly greatest nation in history.

And the biggest hope for humanity.


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