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Hate Can Rupture India


Hate Can Rupture India

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL

We see a stark difference in the Election coverage of the western media when it comes to Pakistan and India

Pakistan held an election recently – all the articles were about the state of the economy, who was more likely to win the election, Imran Khan etc.

Not one article mentioned minorities having to live as 2nd class citizens under Islamic Laws. Any ACCUSATION of blasphemy is enough for a mob to gather and render vengeance on not only the person accused but also the community! A few years ago, a Hindu school teacher was accused of blasphemy, a mob gathered ready to lynch him and the police had to rescue him and throw him in jail! The mob then took out their anger on the Hindu neighborhood – Shops, Temples, Schools raided and damaged! And not one of the major newspapers here in the US cared to report it!

Minor Hindu & Sikh girls are being abducted and sold off to old Muslim men – these girls will be used for a while and then dumped into brothels

Yet not even one article mentioned their suffering!

But when it comes to India a total 180-degree turn – EVERY article is all about minorities, their suffering, the discrimination they endure! One can go to ANY country in this world and find minorities complaining – India is no different, in a huge country like India, bad things happen to ALL people not just to minorities. But this media is not interested in a fair, unbiased view, they are only interested in bad things happening to minorities and use it to promote religious hate and division.

If a black man and a white man fight, it does not always mean it is about racism. Similarly, there could be disputes between Hindus and Muslims that have nothing to do with religion, but this media will paint it so

An anecdote here, another there and then uses the broad brush of hate – now instead of a small issue of one person being discriminated, it is as if ALL minorities are being abused and guess who is the evil people?

I can’t believe this but in the 21st century, the western media is using its power to stoke religious hate & division in India.

Unless we start speaking up and protesting, this hate will rupture India.

(This submission has not been edited.)

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