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Aruna Irani Gets Emotional, Says She Had A Tough Childhood

Aruna-Irani-Gets-Emotional-Says-She-Had-A-Tough-Childhood India West

Aruna Irani Gets Emotional, Says She Had A Tough Childhood

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Veteran actress Aruna Irani has opened up about the constraints and struggles she faced during her childhood.

She recalled she had to work and start earning at the age of 13 to support her family. Reflecting on her journey, an emotional Aruna shared, that she came from a family of eight siblings, and being the eldest, she naturally took on the role of responsibilities. However, her parents never asked her to discontinue her education, and she pursued it independently.

She reminisced about the challenging times when her family didn’t have enough money, and her mother would serve them rice with onions for meals. They faced difficulties in paying rent on time, and there were threats of eviction from their house. These circumstances made her realize the importance of supporting her family and motivated her to start working.

Additionally, Aruna shared a touching moment involving her father. Despite his initial regret of not having a son as his eldest child, on his deathbed, he expressed his pride in his daughter, stating that his Aruna is “Arun” to him. This moment held a deep significance for Aruna and reinforced her determination to overcome challenges and make her family proud.

Aruna Irani was speaking on the dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer 3.’

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