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From Getting Married to Kuku Kohli to Addressing Love Affair Rumors With 

From Getting Married to Kuku Kohli to Addressing Love Affair Rumors With 

From Getting Married to Kuku Kohli to Addressing Love Affair Rumors With 

MUMBAI, (ANI) – Aruna Irani is one of the most versatile Bollywood actors of all time. She has worked on more than 300 films and has been part of big blockbuster projects of the ’80s and ’90s.

Recently, the veteran actor reminisced about her early acting days and the journey so far in an ANI podcast with Smita Prakash where she opened about many personal aspects of her life. In this in-depth and heartfelt interview, Aruna Irani also addressed many rumors that made tides during the ’80s and ’90s.

When asked about Mehmood’s role in her career, Aruna heaped praise on him saying that he helped her a lot in making a career in the industry. But, she continued, he (Mehmood) also somehow became the reason behind her not getting work for a couple of years. She also addressed rumors about her alleged marriage with the actor during that time.

She talked about her equation with Mehmood and how it turned sour later. She said, “I was more than a friendly person to him. ‘Woh hota aise hai ki jab main industry mein aayi thi toh mujhe koi kaam hi nahi de raha tha. Jab Mehmood Sahab ke saath maine kaam shuru kiya unhone mujhe kaam dilaana shuru kiya. (When I entered the industry, nobody was ready to give me work, Mehmood Sahab gave me work).”

She continued, “Kya bolu…he was such a big helper. Aaj meri duniya jo badal gayi thi, mujhe kaam milne lag gaya tha, mera ghar sambhal gaya tha unki wajah se toh mujhe lagta tha ki khuda ka bhej hua aadmi hai. Toh ek emotions…hote hote…kab liking badh gayi. I know he was a married man; we couldn’t get married. That’s why hum bhaut aage nahi jaa sakte the, lekin we were more than friends…so, he made my career, even I used to like him. (He was a big helper. Because of him, I earned money and recognition, my world turned upside down, the condition of my life got better, and I started to think of him as a God-sent angel! Then, I didn’t realise when I started liking him…I know he was a married man, we couldn’t get married, that’s why we couldn’t go much ahead in the relationship, but we were more than friends).”

“But jab meri yeh film bani, ‘Bombay to Goa,’ usme bhi unhone meri help ki…sab kuch theek tha…ab jab picture release hui aur ek rumour baahar aayi ki I am married to Mehmood. Mujhse koi puchne nahi aata tha. He was a star and a married man so naturally log unko hi pehle puchte the.suna aapki shaadi ho gayiso he just used to nudge. Matlab, na haan bolte the, na naan bolte tha…that spoiled my career. Kyunki, Mehmood Sahab se agar shaadi ho gayi hai toh Mehmood sahab toh ab isko kaam nahi karne denge. See how he made my career and how he ruined it. Unhe lagta tha ki agar ye heroine ban gayi toh he will be left alone! (When I was cast in the film Bombay to Goa, he helped me initially but after the film released there were a few rumours about me and him getting married and he didn’t clear the air. Whenever anybody would ask him about the alleged wedding, he just nudged. He didn’t respond with an affirmative ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and that spoiled my career. Because people assumed that my alleged marriage with him meant he would not allow me to continue working, and hence, I stopped getting roles. See how he made my career and ruined it),” she concluded.

When asked about her marriage with Kuku Kohli, she said, “When you get married to a married man, it gets very difficult. Jaise aaj (Presently), I am married to a married man. I was married, but nobody knew I was married. Now, I think she (Kuku’s first wife) had some problems, she died a year back. Tab main himmat se baat bhi karti hoon, nahi toh I never used to talk (after her demise, I could own my marriage in public eyes) …because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. My affair, my relationahip with Kuku Kohli was not there to hurt anybody or snatched away somebody. This is the first time I am talking about Kuku Kohli.”

She continued, “I could never talk about him..industry knew that I was with him, journalists ko bhi maalum hota that (even journalists knew)…It’s not easy for a person to marry a married man, I didn’t have a child because of that.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, the veteran actor will be seen in the upcoming romantic-comedy film ‘Ghudchadi’ alongside Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Parth Samthaan, and Khushalii Kumar.

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