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15 Eye-Opening DIY Ideas that use Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon fiber is a material with some very unique and valuable properties. In fact, it offers the best stiffness –to-weight ratio of any material you are likely to find, either made from metals or composites.

Although carbon fiber composite has been known about for over 50 years, nobody has managed to invent another material that is widely used and beats carbon fiber’s unique properties.

Carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel.  Right now, almost the entire chassis of Formula One racing cars are made from carbon fiber. It also has great aesthetic qualities that convey prestige on anybody owning attractive objects made from it.

Here are 15 product ideas, all made from carbon fiber and offered by internet auction sites and online shopping stores. You can make them yourself with locally sourced materials.


Mug mat / coaster

This everyday item is found in every household and workplace.  Carbon fiber gives it an extra twist of exclusivity and a definite wow factor. Everybody uses one. This coaster attracts attention and your friends simply can’t help placing a glass or cup on it. What’s more, it makes for an ideal gift for your boss or workmates.


Computer dedicated carbon fiber casing

The casing of most computers is made from aluminum. How about a carbon fiber composite casing?

If you are a no-holds-barred gamer the carbon fiber casing will be perfect for you thanks to the unique aesthetics that it offers. Note that in this case, very  precise machining of carbon fiber sheets is required with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine – services offered by most suppliers of carbon fiber sheets.


Kitchen finish (Lacobel glass substitute)

Interior design and remodeling projects very often include a back-painted Lacobel float glass finish installed on vertical walls adjacent to a kitchen worktop. Carbon fiber sheets makes for a perfect kitchen finish that looks just as good or even better, especially for primarily black and white design themes.


Exclusive and unique business cards

How often have you been handed just another boring old business card?

Now you can stand out by presenting unique business cards that will make a lasting impression on any recipient. Carbon fiber business cards are made from 1mm thick sheets (double sided high gloss). Overprint is provided by a professional service using UV printing machines.


Dashboards – a motor boat dashboard

How about overhauling the appearance of your motorboat dashboard? You deliver a very impressive look with carbon fiber composites that are widely used for building luxury yachts. Install a high-tech carbon fiber switch panel and add pizzazz and glamor to your boat.


Key smart organizer

Although many carbon fiber smart organizers are available, now you can have a key smart organizer with a unique and customized design. You need to prepare two symmetrically cut carbon fiber sheets that might have for example an engraved name, 2 spacers of thickness corresponding to your thickest keys, a rubber washer (O-ring), 2 screws and nuts. An original carbon fiber composite item that will make you stand out from the crowd.



Any drone available today includes at least some parts made form carbon fiber composites. Their structure is very often made from carbon fiber sheets and carbon fiber tubes. If you are going to build a drone, carbon fiber is the optimal solution for the top and bottom structural elements that will ensure low weight, high performance, good control and an excellent operating range.



Key ring

A key ring is a very simple item that you can make yourself. You need to prepare a small carbon fiber sheet about 3mm thick and have some clear varnish (e.g. spray). Cut the sheet  into the desired pattern, then drill a hole and finally coat it with the clear varnish to protect the surface and impart a high gloss finish.


Mini wallet

If you’re going to go to a party, a bar or any social gathering, you will be pleased to flash a smart looking wallet that holds your credit cards and a $50 note or three. Actually a carbon fiber mini wallet is the perfect solution.  This wallet includes two covers 1-2 mm thick and is a neat small size.

It also has fine detail milling designed for silicone rubber to make sure it is strong and stiff enough for normal usage. Although many mini wallets are available on the market, now you can stand out from the crowd with your wallet with a  customized design and your name engraved . CNC cutting and milling services are provided by many carbon fiber sheet suppliers or DIY specialists.


Door nameplate

Carbon fiber is the perfect solution if you are looking for an original and distinctive nameplate for a door or next to an intercom. Firstly prepare 1-1.5mm carbon fiber sheet and cut it with an angle grinder. It’s highly recommended to apply a finish to the edges by manual grinding. Finally, spray on a coat of clear varnish to ensure protection against UV and rain.


Guitar (Veneer)

How about giving your guitar an appealing makeover with some carbon fiber veneer details made from 0.5mm sheet, attached on the front and back with the epoxy adhesive. Be sure to roughen the surface before applying the adhesive. Another good idea is to make the carbon fiber detail display your engraved name, logo or stage name.  These services are provided by many carbon fiber sheet suppliers.



Few people realize that carbon fiber can be as sharp as any fine steel edge.

Carbon fiber blades are widely used for cutting many soft materials such as paper. What’s more, you can replace your knife blade with a carbon fiber one made from a sheet 2-3mm thick. Note that you need to sharpen both sides.


Furniture veneer

Carbon fiber makes for excellent interior décor elements designed to highlight luxury and original character. Now instead of spending $30,000 on costly pieces of furniture you can enhance your furnishings with 0.5mm carbon fiber veneer coated with a matt or high gloss top coat finish.


Loud speaker fronts

Carbon fiber is widely used in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers, most often as a thin veneer applied to the finished product and then painted. If you want a really prestigious look for your loudspeakers how about veneering them with 0.5 mm thick carbon fiber sheets? After cutting to size, the sheet should be fixed in place with epoxy adhesive and finished with a clear polyurethane top coat. Carbon fiber 0.5 mm sheets can be cut with scissors. However to ensure precision, cutting with a CNC milling machine is recommended. It shouldn’t cost more than perhaps $50 at a rough guess.


Automobile Brand/Marque emblem

When browsing websites you will find your car manufacturer logo in 3D files such as  .stp or .dwg.                                                  When buying your carbon fiber sheets ask about additional services such as cutting or milling using the 3D drawing as a template. In this way you can replace your metal or plastic car badge with a carbon fiber one. Be sure to check the size of the emblem against the 3D design and protect it with clear varnish before fitting it on the hood.


In Summary

The ideas above are just some of the many possibilities you can consider for using carbon fiber in your DIY projects. Imagination and creativity can change the world! We will be delighted to hear about your ideas.