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Name: M Singh

Phone Number: 4087680774

Category: Bride

A Sikh family, well-educated looking for an educated, citizen girl match for their tall, handsome son. Willing to re-locate to the Bay Area. Call or text details to: 408-768-0774

Name: Kalyan

Phone Number: 19492809662

Category: Groom

I am a 5\’6″, 46 Year old man unemployed disabled(Spondylolisthesis, Tendonitis) using a walker or a walking stick. I am a graduate with MS in ECE(3.8 GPA). Before disability, I was a SoC Verification Engineer with 11 years experience in the semiconductor industry. Living in big cities of California has taught me many things about different cultures, ethnicities and religions that I think will help me find the lady to build our lives with. I\’ve learned being flexible is a great virtue in helping to adjust to different lifestyles and approaches to life. My prospective bride\’s past is not important but only wish we learn together, celebrate together & make our world a better place 🙂 Email: galaxyplay440@gmail.com

Name: Panjab

Phone Number: 3146044251

Category: Bride

US based highly educated parents invite matrimonial proposal for US Citizen physician son, tall, very fair, handsome, Jat Sikh, 34 years, unscrupulously forced to divorce. Looking for an amicable, gracious, well-educated beautiful girl with family values. Please send details and photos to panjab8@gmail.com

Name: LD

Phone Number: 9096243590

Category: Bride

Seeking a suitable match for US born, brought up and residing in southern California, 29, 5’-4” tall, MS degree, working for a world-renowned cancer research hospital, as a researcher and health educator. Beautiful, fair, never married, Mangalorean-Goan Roman Catholic, with strong family values, cultured, thoughtful and affectionate. Looking for a RC bachelor from a similar background. Please send details with pictures to mangalore797@gmail.com

Name: Y Pal

Phone Number: 6892095729

Category: Bride

Hindu Punjabi Khatri parents seek match for their US born and raised 31 yr old daughter, never married, beautiful, fair, slim , 5ft 4in, healthcare administrator. Prefer suitors from southeast. Please send details by text or email to rishtaho@gmail.com.

Name: Neal

Phone Number: 510-936-0051

Category: Bride

US born citizen, MD MBA, Physician with highly competitive specialization, Ivy League educated, 38, 5\’9″, handsome, never married or engaged, well established CA based Punjabi Khatri family with good values, looking for a beautiful, slim and compatible girl with similar interests. email: gerant650@gmail.com. Phone Number: 510-936-0051.

Name: Sk

Phone Number: 8184869172

Category: Groom

Punjabi Hindu khatri parents seeking a professional match for their 28 year old 5’3’’ daughter, us citizen, good looking, well placed in multinational company. Please call or text at 818-486-9172 or send your bio data and picture to 1lucky213456@gmail.com

Name: Jay

Phone Number: 9496063357

Category: Bride

Seeking professional match, US Born, 33 years old, 6\’, Gujarati, with MS Degree, occasionally eat non-vegetarian meals, lives with parents (I am their only child) and plans to live with parents with spouse after marriage, working as a Staff Quality Engineer. No caste bar.

Name: HU Kaur

Phone Number: 7142250631

Category: Groom

For my sister who is 57 years old beautiful healthy financially stable, well settled in US California, 5’5” Jat Sikh lady, widow, well educated, working full time as a quality professional, exploring options for a suitable professional family oriented gentleman.

Name: R Singh

Phone Number: 7142250631

Category: Bride

Nice handsome US born boy, well educated DPT, financially stable, Jat Sikh, clean shaven, 31 years old, height 6’1” looking for a suitable girl in California.

Name: V Singh

Phone Number: 7142250631

Category: Bride

Nice handsome US born boy, well educated, financially stable, Jat Sikh, clean shaven, non-alcoholic, 33 years old, height 5’9” non-alcoholic engineer (double major) looking for a suitable bride. Please call or text.

Name: RNK

Phone Number: 2564730959

Category: Bride

Match for Punjabi daughter, US born Citizen, good looking, 5’4” 23 enrolled nurse practitioner doctorate. Seeking well educated groom 28yr/under 5’9/over US citizen from established professional family Please send Biodata and pictures to vankash@yahoo.com

Name: Savera Mann

Phone Number: 5594726850

Category: Bride

I am a dentist, tall beautiful Sikh girl 33 years old looking for a tall professional man in Fresno area with a view to date and marriage

Name: JBM

Phone Number: 9496063356

Category: Bride

Seeking professional match US born, 6\’ 0″ Gujarati, MS degree, working as a Staff QA Engineer for a medical device company, occasionally eats non-vegetarian meals, lives with parents, and plans to live with them after marriage with my spouse.

Name: Trisha Sareen

Phone Number: 9496165275

Category: Groom

Looking for a suitable boy for our 29 year old daughter. She had a brief marriage which lasted for less than a year. Boy must be in the US and well qualified. Feel free to reach out to us.

Name: S Singh

Phone Number: 8179758150

Category: Groom

Seeking professionally qualified match for US born, 28 years old Jat Sikh girl, 5’9”, US educated, Graduated from internal medicine residency, Working as Hospitalist, Pursuing fellowship. Email: sukhi9410@gmail.com

Name: H Kaur

Phone Number: 8175217777

Category: Groom

Looking for suitable boy for US born, 25 years old Jat Sikh girl, 5’5”, US educated, Graduated from medical school in US, Doing first yr residency in US. Email: akh199411@gmail.com

Name: R P

Phone Number: 7321111111

Category: Groom

Hindu Sindhi parents invite contact from US born/raised Hindu/Veg/nonsmoker/nondrinker/decent/caring professionals 28yr/under, for their daughter 24yr/5\’1″ US born/raised/MS Civil/working/charming/caring. gsnit2023@outlook.com

Name: Mike

Phone Number: 4243647092

Category: Groom

US born son, 29 year old Computer Science major. Looking for Christian girl either Engineering or CS major, with a genteel personality.

Name: Chansrasekhar Putcha

Phone Number: 017142611240

Category: Bride

Looking for a suitable girl for our 41 year old son. US citizen, very fair, 6\’2\’\’ height, highly educated, working in a very reputed company in Los Angeles. Please contact 714-261-1240

Name: Thaji

Phone Number:

Category: Groom

Highly educated, handsome, kind, well settled in US widower looking for companionship with lady in 60\’s in US. thajie44@gmail.com

Name: Dash

Phone Number: 9522583096

Category: Groom

My Sister is a 45 years divorced lady in US. . She is a good looking and very discipline. Looking for Telugu Groom age range between 45 -48 in US with earning capacity.

Name: vijay kanwar

Phone Number: 6572919794

Category: Bride

Seeking matrimonial alliance for my hindu punjabi son. He is a pharmacist, 30 years old, 5ft 5in, very homely, well established and settled. Girl should be slim and well educated Please contact on 657 291 9794 or via email kanwarsuman906@gmail.com

Name: Vijai Kumar Joshi

Phone Number:

Category: Groom

Our daughter is Canadian Citizen never married residing in Toronto (Canada) from 35 years. She is CA CPA CFA 45 years old very nice girl looking for a Groom in Canada & USA. Email: rjoshi@hotmail.ca Cell # 416-244-8670 Parents

Name: Santokh singh ghuman

Phone Number: 4479021027

Category: Bride

Hi..i am looking for a suitable girl for my 27 yrs old son…he’s graduate from california university…6’2 height…own business ..!! The girl should be 5’6 height nd educated nd age should be around 20 to 25 from jatt sikh family..usa living girl are first preference

Name: Vraj Lathiya

Phone Number: 7149266462

Category: Groom

California based Gujarati parents invite correspondence for their US born 35 year old daughter. UC Berkeley graduate with an MBA from Rutgers, and employed as a Senior Manager. Intelligent, successful, family-oriented, and never married/engaged. Please contact us at valath47@gmail.com

Name: Raj

Phone Number: 6823674770

Category: Groom

Well-educated and financially stable 55-year divorced male looking for a bride based in the USA (45 to 55 years old). I am fit and active, eat healthy and believe in simple living and high thinking. I am kind and have a good sense of humor (so I am told) 🙂 Lets explore by learning more about each other. Thank you!

Name: vinod singh

Phone Number: 8188237754

Category: Groom

42 years girl Manager earning six figures from NOIDA ,seeks suitable boy


Phone Number: 8188237754

Category: Groom


Name: Manoj SINGH

Phone Number: 8186321475

Category: Groom

Boy in his late thirty , Income>200K, needs bride from reputed family.

Name: Navdeep Singh

Phone Number: 8186323029

Category: Groom

38 years of Rajput boy,Attorney in Reputable Firm, needs Bride from similar backgrounds.