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From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL We see a stark difference in the Election coverage of the western media when it comes to Pakistan and India Pakistan held an election recently - all the articles were about the state of the economy, who

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA India appears to be fast losing its traditional secular values as a democratic state enshrined in its Constitution under Prime Minister Modi. The transformation of Ayodhya., following the demolition of a historic mosque and the

Photo: Wikipedia From Jon Hochschartner, Granby, CT Legislators who seek to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions should support increased public funding for cultivated-meat research. For those who don’t know, cultivated meat is grown from livestock cells, without slaughter. Traditional animal agriculture is one

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent article published in The New York Times about the Modi government's alleged attempts to stifle voices at a liberal university in New Delhi. The article

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA On March 23, 1971, Congress proposed the 26th Amendment to allow voting rights for teenagers. On July 1st, 1971, 3/4th of the states ratified the proposed 26th Amendment, lowering voting rights from age 21 to 18. The

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA America is the only country in the world which spends two years of time and billions of dollars on presidential campaigning, not counting continuous media reporting of various candidates. This year’s presidential election is no different. Candidates

From Joe Bialek, Cleveland, OH A political primary is a preliminary election in which the registered voters are of a political party nominate candidates for office.  The key word here is preliminary.  The current system allows small states such as Iowa

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Everybody nowadays uses computers for sending e-mails, shopping, news, and entertainment. If they don’t use computers, then they use their cellphones. We are all stuck with Windows because very few nerds used an alternative system called

From Porus Dadabhoy, Chicago, IL It is very disturbing to read the commonly occurring incidents in the USA, especially to students from particular cities and states from India, and pleas for assistance after the fact, to GOI to assist and help

Photo: Wikipedia From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA The recent article in today's New York Times, titled "Cleaning Latrines by Hand: ‘How Could Any Human Do That?’," sheds light on the dire conditions faced by individuals subjected to such dehumanizing tasks. It is

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Qatar is a tiny nation in the Persian Gulf that has outsized influence derived from its wealth, the state-funded and popular satellite news channel Al Jazeera and through its role as regional mediator. Qatar has friendly

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA There are 50 countries around the World that will elect their leaders in 2024. Though American presidential election is ten months away, the whole world is watching every political development and guessing will affect who will

From by Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express my support for South Africa's recent contention that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza. As a concerned citizen, I believe it is essential to

Photo; Wikipedia From Damon Hewitt, President, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law , Washington, DC. Dr. King’s legacy is one of resilience and unwavering courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He showed us that a sense of moral clarity and resistance

From  Girish Modi, Decatur, GA There are more than a million migrants released into the U.S. annually, and Congress repeatedly failed to provide more funding and immigration reform to fix what he has called a "broken" system. What is a magnet

From Jitendra Bhojwani, Santa Rosa Technology plays a vital role in society and business. However, of late the unjustifiable use of technology has started affecting society in a negative way. especially small children are more likely to be impacted by technology. Here

Photo: Wikipedia From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express deep concern about the recent civil lawsuit filed by hundreds of Yazidi-Americans against Lafarge S.A., the French conglomerate. The lawsuit alleges Lafarge's involvement in providing material support to the

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA The two-party political culture in America has fanatically divided the American polity making the non-partisans politically homeless.  In a mode of anger and vengeance, one can harm himself more than others.  Each party struggles to be

Photo: Wikipedia, Phil Roeder From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA While the year may be coming to an end, Republican presidential hopefuls are only ramping up their 2024 campaigns as they try to clinch the GOP frontrunner spot from former President Donald Trump.

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL Every year around this time the movie - "It's a Wonderful Life" is shown on TV. How many realize that this movie promotes Reincarnation? In the movie the hero has a choice - runaway & hide from all

Photo: UN Photo/Kim Haughton From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA The United Nations Security Council is a 16-member body within the U.N. Charter, whose mission is to resolve conflicts in the world peacefully. It meets whenever a member nation requests. The

Photo: Wikipedia We have moved into a time of disbelief and distrust. Religions have turned into political parties. Faith in God has changed its meaning to seek victory to dominate others. Human intelligence has outstripped human wisdom. Children are being taught

Photo: fooddrive.ca.gov From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA If you wish to donate or become a sponsor to non-profit organizations in your community, take the following steps for accountability. These steps are based on my own experience. Tell others to follow these guidelines. (1)

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA While Democrats have been unsuccessfully trying to impeach Donald Trump for last several years and now are in various courts in the middle of election campaign, Republicans have just started impeachment process against Biden. The Republican-led

Photo: Wikipedia From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I write to raise a pressing concern regarding the recent actions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in several African countries, notably their acquisition of land rights for the purpose of selling carbon credits.

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA The passing of Henry Kissinger at the age of 100 marks the end of an era, provoking a divided remembrance of a man whose legacy is a collision of adulation and condemnation. To the Washington

Photo: Wikipedia From Jon Hochschartner, Granby, CT I was excited to read the German government is investing €38 million in 2024 toward the alternative-protein transition. This will include funds for cultivated meat research. For those who don’t know, cultivated meat is grown

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA In our hunger for knowledge, we float along with a wide variety of misinformation. “It is not what we do not know that hurts us.  It is what we know for sure that is not so” -----Mark

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express my deep concern and sorrow over the harrowing situation unfolding in Gaza, which demands immediate global attention and condemnation. As someone who experienced the hardships of World War II as

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA Quite often, public perception of certain groups of people or of happenings is developed through short narratives or syllogisms, based on casual observations, not necessarily on true knowledge.  Negative perceptions, thus developed, are not necessarily of

Zelensky Desperate to End War Ukraine President Zelensky, a comedian turned politician, was riding on unprecedented popularity during the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He had visited more than 25 countries, had given several speeches to United Nations, U.S.

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA Once again, the United States has tilted the balance of power in favor of Israel with massive arms sales and created a living hell for the indigenous Palestinians. According to U.N. estimates, 1.5 million Palestinians have

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Every President from Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden makes a peaceful solution to Israel-Palestinian conflict their foreign policy issue. While a few presidents have made partial success, the others don’t succeed because they did not want

Photo: Wikipedia From Girish Modi, Decataur, GA History tells us that America had declared war on Japan after it attacked Pearl Harbor that killed 1200 soldiers and forced it to surrender by dropping 2 nuclear bombs which killed 250,000 innocent civilians. America

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA Over 8,000 people have been killed, including half of them being children. Mothers write their loved ones' names on their hands in a desperate attempt to identify their children, fearing that they may be killed

From Jugraj Singh, Seattle, WA The Sikhs have saved the Indian civilization from western imperialism: the Mughals, the British, and the Americans, who recently tried to get three agricultural laws passed in India so they could buy all the land, rendering

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA In response to Nirmalya Chatterjee’s letter, I would like to submit my views regarding the Hamas-Israel war as follows: (1)  Hamas is a militia group which tries to liberate GAZA from Israel’s apartheid rule for past 75

From Nirmalya Chatterjee In a recent interview on ‘60 Minutes’ by CBS, President Biden looked straight at the interviewer and said – ‘it would be a mistake for Israel to occupy Gaza’. A very bold statement made with a very somber

From Raj Kumar, Honolulu, HI Founder, Gandhi International Institute for Peace Gandhi International Institute for Peace strongly condemns the terrorist attack on civilians, tourists and kidnapping of men, women and children during the Yom Kippur festival in Israel on October 7, 2023.  It

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express both admiration for Senator Dianne Feinstein's remarkable career and concern about the need for cognitive testing for lawmakers, including members of the judiciary, as they reach advanced ages. While Senator

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Though primary and secondary education is free in America, college education is not free and is very expensive, which most middle-class people cannot afford. Foreigners from China, India and other countries come to America since they

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA There is a direct relationship between United States-backed coups in various Latin American countries and the ongoing refugee crisis on the southern United States. Over the past several decades, the United States has been involved in

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA America has a free market economy. Many nations look up to America to model their economy like America’s. After India adopted free market model under MP Modi’s leadership, its economy is skyrocketing making 7 percent GDP

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL Regarding the Caste Discrimination law that has been much in the news recently, as a Hindu, I speak for most when I say that we wish this discrimination would be gone for good. There is no

From Sampat Shivangi MD, National President Indian American Forum It is shocking and disturbing events that have been unfolded in Canada, so called friend and ally of India. Indians across the continents were so amazed and thrilled to witness such a successful

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA People have been migrating since the First People started migrating out of Africa 40,000 years ago and spread all over the world. Hence, the Migrant crisis in Europe & America is not new. Soon after WWII millions

From Suhas Patwardhan, MI Respected Bapuji! As a government servant I was all the happier to celebrate your birthday this year as it coincidentally happened to be the first Monday of the month giving us two consecutive holidays in a week.  Many

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the inspiring and transformative lake reclamation efforts taking place in Bengaluru, India, as recently highlighted in The New York Times article titled "Bengaluru, India: A Triumph

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA As President Joe Biden shifts his reelection campaign into higher gear, his candidacy is being tested by a striking divide between Democratic leaders, who are overwhelmingly unified behind his bid and voters who cast doubts about

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL Regarding the recent flare-up with Canada over Sikh Terrorists, we hear so much about Khalistan supporters and their anger towards India namely Hindus. The crazy thing here is that without Hinduism, neither Sikhism nor Buddhism would not even