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Best Original Indian Films in Hostar

As of February 2020, Disney purchased the widely-used Indian streaming service Hotstar, and it is expected that this new integration will widen the Hotstar user base exponentially. With all of these projected new films and new users coming to the streaming service, it may give viewers the opportunity to check out some awesome original Indian films.


While it may be exciting to enjoy what Disney will bring to the streaming service, there are some must-see original Indian films. You can subscribe through here. These are some that subscribers can stream on Hotstar right now.


Angoor (1982)


Written and directed by Gulzar, Angoor is a remake of the classic Indian film Do Dooni Char, and a retelling of the classic Shakespeare script The Comedy of Errors. In the film, two twins, separated at birth are brought together as adults, which causes mayhem in their lives.


Sanjeev Kumar is at his finest and with DevenVerma as a fitting complement, there’s no doubt that the film is an entertaining romp of family drama. Audiences are sure to have a charming and hilarious experience while enjoying this twist on a classic Shakespeare tale.


AnkhonDekhi (2014)


Released in 2014, this Indian Hindi-language drama film was written and directed by Rajat Kapoor. The plot follows a middle-aged man played by Sanjay Mishra, who changes his beliefs after he meets the man that his daughter has fallen in love with. He experiences several life-changing moments after he promises never to believe anything he cannot see or experience.


Artistic and thought-provoking, this look into another man’s revelations will be sure to intrigue and excite. Viewers will revel in the experience as an ordinary man finds his own version of the truth.


Ankur (1974)


This film focuses on a woman torn between her desire for a family and her feelings for the local landlord’s son and also includes deeper themes of following one’s personal feelings, or following what is expected of them traditionally. The film focuses on thoughtful dialogue and compelling characters.


Directed by ShyamBenegal and considered one of the classic Indian Art films, this artistic deep dive into a family’s personal and societal struggles is a must-watch. It features the debut performances of Indian actors, Ananth Nag and ShabanaAzmi, and has won more than 40 awards both in India and internationally.


Bangalore Days (2014)


Three closely bonded cousins all achieve their dreams of moving to Bangalore but it doesn’t turn out how they expected it to. This romantic comedy film defies the genre and has a deeper message of holding on to one’s childhood, even as an adult. Campy, and a bit over-the-top, this charming flick is one well worth the time. Written and directed by award-winning Anjali Menon, the film explores family and personal growth and will leave viewers feeling moved and delighted.


BhaagMilkhaBhaag (2013)


An inspiring biographical film following Indian athlete Milkha Singh. The film focuses on his life, from his traumatizing childhood during the Partition of Indian in 1947, to the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. It’s an emotional ride from start to finish taking viewers from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.


The story is inspiring and Farhan Akhtar’s performance as Milkha is truly memorable. Director RakeyshOmprakash makes this athlete’s life into an artistic journey using slow-motion montages and a beautiful soundtrack to accompany.


Mission Mangal (2019)


Exhilarating and inspirational, Mission Mangal mixes history and dramatic storytelling in this reenactment of India’s commemorated pilgrimage to a distant planet. Writer-director Jagan Shakti presents an engaging cast of characters who dare to confront the odds and prove that there is no dream too big.


The clever writing and beautiful images are enough to make audiences feel uplifted, and for anyone who’s worried they may not understand rocket science, the script explains all of it in a relatable fashion. A must-see for anyone who wishes to know more about this important achievement in Indian history.


Stree (2018)


Guaranteed to make you laugh and scream, Stree is a genre-bending comedy-horror that explores Indian folklore and urban legend while also tackling modern issues. Directed by Amar Kaushik, the plot follows how the men in a small town are horrified by a spirit only known as Stree, who kidnaps men and leaves behind only their clothing. The film is frightening, but always maintains humor and fun. Entertaining and scary, the film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you thinking about issues in modern society.


Talvar (2015)


Based on the true-life murders of a teenager and family’s hired domestic help, Talvar is a thriller that asks the question of who really committed the crime. Disturbing and riveting, the film’s main character will keep audiences questioning the truth of the case long after the credits have finished.


Excellent pacing and a gripping telling of true events, resulting in an experience that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. MeghnaGulzar directs and makes one wonder about the shortcomings of law enforcement and the justice system.


TuHaiMera Sunday (2016)


After a group of tight-knit friends is banned from their favorite spot to play football, they struggle to find a new spot and to keep their lives together. This rom-com tackles difficult issues like gender norms and societal expectations while maintaining laughs and remaining light-hearted.


The film is directed by MilindDhaimade and is reminiscing on classic Indian TV of the 1990s. Anyone who feels a bit nostalgic for their childhood, or is simply looking for a film to make them smile should look no further than TuHaiMera Sunday.


Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020)


Director Om Raut uses storytelling and creative vision in his debut Hindi movie, to follow the life of TanhajiMalusare, a Maratha warrior. It chronicles the Battle of Sinhagad which took place in 1670 when the Tanhaji battled the Udaybhan.


This powerful retelling of a well known historical event uses compelling performances and stunning cinematography to bring new passion and perspective. Of course, an audience can expect a few artistic changes to the original story, the film is still rich with history and an exciting ride.


Whether a viewer on Hotstar is already part of the massive existing user base, or just now tuning in after the additions to the streaming service, these are films that are a must-watch. Hotstar has some sections completely devoted to Indian and Hindi flicks and there are certainly ones to consider checking out. While viewers can now enjoy films from Disney+, there’s always the opportunity to take in these picks for the best original Indian movies on Hotstar.