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Essential Everyday Carry Items for Hiking

Everybody has their own list of everyday carry items that they cannot do without when they leave the house. When you go hiking, everyday carry items become all the more important, as you may have to deal with a multitude of situations when you are a little further away from civilization. Here are some of the top everyday carry items needed for hiking trips.

In its most fundamental sense, everyday carry (EDC) is defined as a collection of items that are useful for a person to be able to go about their day. EDC items are usually needed to handle everyday situations, and typically include wallets, keys, phones, and watches. For some people, the list may expand to include things such as self-defense items, flashlights, notepads, and pens. 

 If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, the list of EDC items you take with you will expand from your usual items. When out hiking, you need to be prepared for many situations you wouldn’t normally come across, particularly if you live in a well-connected or urban community. Some people who go out walking and hiking regularly opt for an EDC box subscription box, to ensure they are well-equipped for their days spent out and about.

 If you’re putting together a list of essential EDC items for your hiking trips, here are the things you should consider adding to it.



If you don’t already carry a flashlight in your day-to-day life, you should definitely consider adding one to your hiking EDC kit. Many people rely on the flashlights available on smartphones these days, but as soon as your phone battery dies, you lose all the extra functionalities with it too. Having a flashlight with you when out hiking should be considered a necessity. If your hike takes longer than you planned and it gets dark, you will have a guaranteed source of light. (Just make sure you bring fully charged batteries!)

Not only does a flashlight bring a guaranteed source of light, it will allow you to save the battery on your smartphone for more important things, such as making emergency phone calls when you have service. Flashlights are also a good self-defense tool. If you feel like you are in a hostile situation, flash the light in someone’s eyes to buy a few seconds to get away.


Portable Charger

Thinking about cell phones, most people carry one with them, even if they are spending a day out in nature on a hike. A cell phone is a great EDC item while hiking, although it’s important to remember that you won’t necessarily have cell phone service in more remote areas. If this is the case, preserve your phone battery while out hiking by putting your phone on airplane mode. This will stop the phone from constantly searching for connectivity, which drains a battery rapidly.

 And always have a back-up plan when it comes to your phone, by bringing a remote charger with you. If you do get into any trouble, you will hopefully be able to get some cell phone service at some point to make an emergency phone call.



People who enjoy day hiking rather than camping are often particularly aware of wanting to travel light. This can stop them from carrying tools with them that could be important if your hiking trip doesn’t go as planned. In this instance, a multitool can be a good compromise as a hiking EDC. Good multitools have many functionalities all in one, including a knife blade, can opener, screwdriver, saw, wire stripper, and more. If it’s a small multitool, you won’t get quite the same power or effectiveness as carrying these tools as individual items, but it will still go a long way towards helping you in an emergency situation.



If you get into trouble on a hiking trip and have to stay out longer than planned, you will absolutely need a source of heat and light. What’s more, you won’t even notice the space that a lighter takes up in your daypack. The main thing to ensure is that the lighter you pack is in good working order and has plenty of fuel left in it. For people who really want to ensure they have a good lighter for outdoor situations, good outdoors shops do sell flameless, waterproof, and windproof lighters, which could be a great addition to your hiking EDC kit.

 Remember that a lighter is about more than making a fire. You may be able to use it to cook food, as a candle, or as an emergency beacon too.


Water Filter

In any hiking situation that doesn’t go quite to plan, you will want to know you have access to safe drinking water. This is why adding a water filter, or water purification tablets, to your pack is something you don’t want to miss. Again, this is something that doesn’t take up much space, but can help to ensure you stay safely hydrated during your hiking expedition.