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How to get a lifetime-free credit card in India

Banks and financial institutions offer different types of credit cards. These cards provide features such as revolving credit, cash advances, interest-free periods, and rewards programs. The “lifetime-free credit card” is perhaps the most popular type of credit card. This articles explains lifetime-free credit cards in detail.

What is a lifetime-free credit card? 

Lifetime-free credit cards do not have any joining or annual fees. However, lenders may charge a fee for extra services, like providing hard copies of itemized bills.

How to apply for a lifetime free credit card?

Using the steps listed in this article, you can apply for a lifetime free credit card online. It is important to visit the bank’s website or call their customer service team for more information on eligibility for a lifetime free credit card since eligibility may differ from one bank to another.

We have taken IDFC FIRST Bank’s lifetime free credit card as an example. Here are the steps to follow to apply for a lifetime free credit card with IDFC FIRST Bank:

  1. Visit the IDFC FIRST Bank site

Visit the IDFC FIRST Bank site to apply for a lifetime free credit card. Read about their rewards program and the fees and charges of the lifetime free credit card on their site.

  1. Click on ‘Apply’

You will see the “Apply now” option at the top of the page. Click on this option to know your eligibility for a lifetime-free credit card.

  1. Fill in your details

Next, you must enter your details like your Aadhaar number, date of birth, and mobile number. Once done, click on “get OTP”.

  1. Read the terms and conditions carefully

After your One-Time Password (OTP) is verified, you shall receive a pop-up of the terms and conditions for signing up for the credit card. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on ‘I agree’ for your consent.

  1. Click on the ‘proceed’ button

The “get OTP” button might have changed to the “Proceed” button. Click on “Proceed” to move forward with the application process.

  1. Provide other important details 

At this stage, you need to provide a few more details as given below:

  • Your PAN (Permanent Account Number),
  • Your gender,
  • Current residential address, and
  • Your PIN Code
  1. Provide occupation-related details 

Next, enter your occupation – you can choose from the options: ‘salaried’, ‘self-employed’, ‘student’, and ‘home-maker’ – your company’s name and your net monthly income. At this step, select the ‘already have a credit card’ option if you have one and provide the required details.

  1. IDFC FIRST Bank will carry out a risk assessment of your profile to provide a personalized offer

It will take some time for IDFC FIRST Bank to assess your credit history and risk profile after providing these details.

Although the steps might differ, you can apply for a lifetime-free credit card with other banks almost the same way. You can contact the bank’s customer support team if you have questions.