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Mame Khan, Suvarna Tiwari Evoke Rajasthan’s Splendor


Mame Khan, Suvarna Tiwari Evoke Rajasthan’s Splendor

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Renowned Rajasthani folk and playback singer, Mame Khan, along with singer Suvarna Tiwari, have lent their voices to the evocative title track of the upcoming show ‘Mere Balam Thanedaar’.

‘Mere Balam Thanedaar’ is a unique love narrative featuring the contrasting lives of an upright IPS officer and an effervescent young woman. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Rajasthan, this enchanting tale revolves around the journey of Bulbul (played by Shruti Choudhary) and Veer (portrayed by Shagun Pandey), two individuals whose personalities diverge like day and night.

Crafted by composer Rajat Tiwari, the melodious song not only encapsulates the essence of the Rajasthani theme but also encapsulates the enduring love story at the heart of the narrative.

Mame said,”Rajasthani folk has been my musical genre from the outset of my singing career, and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to lend my voice to the track in my signature style.”

He said that the title song vividly brings to life the splendor of Rajasthan and captures the myriad emotions of two individuals deeply in love. “It fills me with pride to represent the music of my state, and I commend the show’s creators for their dedication to authenticity in crafting the title song. I truly hope that music enthusiasts shower their affection on this composition,” added Mame.

Suvarna added, “Collaborating with Mame Khan on this song was truly a dream come true. I believe he breathes life into Rajasthan with his soulful voice. This song serves as the perfect canvas for Veer and Bulbul’s love story,” added Suvarna.

The show airs on Colors.

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