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Nail Trends For The Season


Nail Trends For The Season

By Utkarsha Chaudha

This season calls for blossoms and pop floral colors.

Floral Blossoms: Talk about summers and florals becoming a mandate. Who says short nails must be boring? Everyone has fallen in love with the charming, vintage-inspired floral art patterns on short nails. This floral pattern is eccentric and attractive. We love how these designs give a simplistic yet vibrant approach to your regular nails. It is proof that one can opt for dainty nail art on their natural nails without the hassle of nail extensions.

Pop Micro French Tips: A simple French manicure never fades away, so why not choose an enhanced version with a little twist? This adds an elegant ultra-thin pop color across the tip of your nails on any size or shape of your nails.

3D Embellishments: If you are someone who wants to stand out in the crowd then throw a party to your nails and opt for larger-than-life 3D details. These artistic nail designs add extra drama and are seriously eye-catching. One can play around with different embellishments like gemstones or beads added to your elongated nail with the 3D effect. The patterns are cool, trendy, and creative. ‘It’s the futuristic trend’ says the celebrity nail artists. The bigger, the better it gets.

Glazed Donut Nails: Glazed and dewy nail look is having a moment currently inspired by Hailey Bieber’s ultra-trend shiny manicure. The glazed donut nails are still the talk of the town from last year and continue to hold onto this season as well. This nail pattern is all over the place striking the right code between minimalism and adding the x-factor to your nails. It’s no surprise that not just celebs but beauty enthusiasts like us are drawn towards this pattern as it exudes class and subtly. Try a milky shade topped with chrome for a glazed effect.

Jewelry And Metal: Nail-piercing is getting huge this season. It’s the blingy trend grabbing a lot of attention this season. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so why not elevate a similar look to your nails as well? This includes charms, gems, or nail piercing added to manicured nails giving dynamics to your nails.

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