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By Ajay Singh Students frequently experience academic pressure and heightened expectations. The prospect of facing comprehensive assessments can trigger overwhelming stress and anxiety, which if left unchecked can compromise

As we grow older, our bodies experience a myriad of changes, and our eyes are no exception to this rule. After the age of 30, it becomes increasingly

By Vikas Jain Our lives are intricately entwined in the digital realm, benefiting from the undeniable convenience of smartphones and smart homes. However, amidst the relentless pursuit of progress,

 “What will happen when you get older?” This is what we often get to hear in traditional homes as the youth is spending more time on gadgets- be

By Dr. Damanpreet Jamarai, CMO, UnitedHealthcare February is Heart Health Awareness Month, a great time to start on the path to better heart health and well-being and to understand

Navigating the complexities of hypothyroidism can be an overwhelming journey, given the rising prevalence of this condition in the Indian population. Thyroid disorders, affecting nearly 42 million Indians,

By Neeladri Misra MD, FACP, Internist, Roseville, CA India is now known as the heart disease capital of the world. With the turn of the century, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have

With winter, our bodies experience a change that goes beyond just the chilly weather. During the cold weather, when people often feel lazy and slow, women who menstruate

Keeping babies protected from the cold throughout the winter months is of utmost importance. Winter-Appropriate Clothes The baby won't stay warm or safe with more layers of clothing, but they