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The 5 Most Googled Contestants Of ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 2’

The 5 Most Googled Contestants Of ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 2’

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ has become one of the most popular reality streaming shows in India. Season two of ‘Bigg Boss OTT‘ has brought together a diverse group of contestants.

Here are the most googled contestants of this season, and why they caught the attention of the audience.

Pooja Bhatt:

Director and actress Pooja Bhatt’s entry in ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ created a huge buzz among fans and followers. Her presence in the house brought elegance, grace, and a wealth of experience. Pooja’s interactions with other contestants, insightful discussions, and wise counsel contributed to her becoming one of the most searched individuals on JioCinema during the season.

Manisha Rani:

Manisha, who is a popular social media influencer, is a talented and dynamic contestant, and quickly became one of the most googled participants of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Her charismatic personality, strong opinions, and ability to handle conflicts attracted a significant fan base. Manisha’s entertaining and bold attitude kept viewers hooked to their screens, and her strategic gameplay made her a strong contender for the winner’s title.

Bebika Dhurve:

Actress Bebika, who starred in the television show ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ has garnered a huge following during her stint on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. Her presence on the show generated considerable curiosity among the audience, leading to her being one of the most searched contestants on JioCinema. Bebika’s emotional moments, interpersonal relationships, and dramatic confrontations made her a fascinating personality trait to watch.

Abhishek Malhan:

Abhishek, a social media influencer and content creator, gained significant attention during his journey on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. His quirky sense of humor, relatable nature, and genuine connections with fellow contestants struck a chord with the audience. Abhishek’s popularity soared, resulting in him becoming one of the most googled participants on JioCinema.

Jad Hadid:

International model and actor Jad added a unique flavor to ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’. His charming persona, multi-cultural background, and distinct perspective attracted widespread interest from viewers. Jad’s journey in the house, filled with cultural exchanges, entertainment, and occasional clashes, made him a memorable figure and one of the most googled contestants.

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