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US Consulate, USAID Fund Beauty Salon Run By Transgenders


US Consulate, USAID Fund Beauty Salon Run By Transgenders

MUMBAI, (IANS) – The US Consulate in Mumbai and the US Agency for International Development have launched a new salon, ‘Transformation’, which is owned and operated by members of the transgender community at Kalyan town in Thane, an official said here on March 31.

The occasion was the International Transgender Day of Visibility, and the Transformation salon is expected to support enhanced career opportunities for the deprived transgender community.

The salon was inaugurated by US Consul-General in Mumbai, Mike Hankey, and USAID Deputy Mission Director, Karen Klimowski, and will offer its services in an inclusive and stigma-free ambiance.

“We are proud to support the Transformation Salon where anyone, regardless of how they identify themselves, can access its services in a safe and inclusive environment. We recognize the contributions of transgender, nonbinary and gender non-forming people. We take pride in supporting improved health outcomes through innovative models that mobilize communities to take charge of their financial and physical health,” said Hankey.

Klimowski said that as per the USAID’s guiding principle, ‘Do nothing about them without them’, the transgender community was directly involved in designing and establishing the salon. “It will not only serve the community, but also enhance career and entrepreneurship opportunities for the local transgenders in a locally led and inclusive development,” said Klimowski.

Neeta Kene, chairperson of the NGO ‘Kinnar Asmita’, which is running the establishment, said that it sends out a strong message to society that transgenders with the right kind of skilling and support can effectively mainstream themselves.

This is the second salon of its kind in Maharashtra. The first one by the same name and funded by Deutsche Bank and Rotary Club of Mumbai. 

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