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5 Ways To Ace That Flirting Game

5 Ways To Ace That Flirting Game

Here are 5 suggestions that can help you ace your flirting game and spice up your dating life in 2023 if you’ve been trying to master this ability.

Play With Confidence

Nothing works magic like confidence. Confidence is the single most powerful trait anyone can have when it comes to seducing or talking to potential matches while dating. Being comfortable in your skin, secure about what you bring to the table, and expressive about your feelings are all indicative of a highly confident person and makes you instantly more attractive and desirable. Make sure you don’t fake this, or else it will be very visible. Just know your worth and be confident about it.

‘Make And Break’ Eye Contact

Eye contact is a great way to communicate with another person. The intimate connection it creates is unmatched by anything else, and there are a lot of cues you can drop with subtle eye contact. However, it is important to maintain consistency between making and breaking eye contact. Let your partner know that you are interested in them while also breaking it in between to give them some space. This will help it be playful and light instead of intimidating.

Smile And Be A Good Listener

A happy, positive face and smile go a long way when flirting or seducing a person. Paying careful attention to what your partner must share will make them feel heard, valued, and appreciated. Moreover, this also indirectly transmits the same energy to your partner and helps keep things excited and light. Along with this, remember to also share about yourself with your partner. Let them get to know you more personally while you talk about your dreams and passions. This will help them realize that you trust them enough to give them a deeper look into your life.

Gentle And Respectful Touches

Gentle and soft touches with your partner are a great way to add some tension, but remember that this cannot be non-consensual, disrespectful, or inappropriate. You need to be very respectful while doing this and include subtle touches like offering a hand while crossing, climbing the stairs, or walking down the street etc. Tucking your partner’s hair back, and gentle arm touch while laughing or talking are also great ways to add chemistry.

Tease Through Texts

An absolute no-brainer when it comes to dating in the digital age is flirty texts, memes etc. These are amazing ways to connect with your partner. The ability to be able to freely express yourself without having the nervousness of being present in person creates fun conversations and great chemistry. Emojis and gifs further make this even more interesting. Sexting is another option if you and your lover want to take things a step further. Remember to maintain consensualness throughout and watch out for violating personal limits.

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