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Aditya A: Happiness is Contagious

Aditya A: Happiness is Contagious

NOIDA (IANS) – ith over 300,000 reels made and even getting a push from star power as Bollywood celebrities join the viral ‘Chaand Baaliyaa’ band wagon, Aditya A is over the moon with the response he is getting for the number.

The singer, who is from a medical background and is a pathologist, has his reasons behind the growing popularity of the track, which currently has 4,465,700 views on Youtube.

At a meet in Noida’s Lost Lemons, he said: “I think it is a happy go lucky song and it gives of great vibes. You can listen to it in the morning or in the evening. I think it goes well with a lot of things. It is not limited to a certain audience. Happiness is contagious. This is what I think.”

He also feels that the hit track is crisper than usual numbers, making it easy to the ears.

Aditya, who has also given another popular track ‘Heeriye’ which has the undertones of love, is currently pinching himself as he did not expecting much.

“Kind of surreal for me because I wasn’t expecting such a response specially two years of the release. It suddenly got picked up on Instagram reels and you can see the result. It’s crazy.”

Well, personal life plays an important role to draw inspiration, agrees Aditya.

Asked if he takes tid-bits from his love life, pat came the reply from Aditya: “I do.”

He added: “That is an inspiration a major part of it.”

What goes behind the making of the kind of songs he churns out?

The singer said: “The songs which are getting popular are the ones which are soft romantic songs and upbeat songs. I have also done travel numbers and experimented a little bit also. A lot of things goes in my mind. I just try to make it easy listening and so that listeners can enjoy. It should be easy on the ears.”

Coming from a medical background, how did music happen?

“I have been learning music since I entered collage. I have been learning the guitar and then I did western and classical training. I have been composing since 10 years now and I think I am pretty decent and can do producing, mixing and composing etc.”

Having done several romantic songs, he shares why the genre is loved universally.

“I think everyone connects to the romantic genre. It makes people happy and they like it no matter what is going on in their life… Like I said happiness is contagious.”

Now, he dreams to get bigger with Bollywood!

“I would love to be a part of a film as a playback and composer. I would want to do that.”

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