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Fruit Ice Cream

Fruit Ice Cream


. Frozen banana

. Other fleshy fruit: Mango, strawberry, peach, blueberry

. Optional: yogurt, soy yogurt, whipped yogurt

. Toppings: shaved dark chocolate, dried fruits, grated coconut, sunflower seeds, fruit cubes


. Cut fruit into cubes or slices, remove the peel, stones, and seeds, and freeze them.

When ready to eat, pour banana slices into the food processor and whip until it has the consistency of ice cream.

. Add the rest of the fruit and whip again. Cream should be at least 50% banana for good texture. And what is even more important in this recipe is to use the freshest of fruits.

. Add desired toppings.

. Prepare it when ready to eat it or 15 minutes before, at most, and keep in the freezer; otherwise, instead of a creamy texture, it will be hard ice.

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